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Case competition by the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry

2024-05-30 09:19:00

During the Business Concept Map course, one of the project tasks of the Business Administration and Management students was to get to know, analyse and present an entrepreneur and his/her operating business.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

The students had to write a case study in a small group of five about an entrepreneur and a business of their choice, based on a predefined set of criteria, which gave them a more comprehensive knowledge of several areas and facilitated the experience of teamwork. 

The Department of Business Development and Management set up the competition. The best team in each seminar group, as recommended by the seminar leader, were selected as finalists and ranked by the departmental jury. 

 It was not easy for the jury to choose the winners from the 13 best cases, where the winners received a certificate of recognition and a cash prize from the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The first-place team won 60.000 HUF, the second-place 40.000 HUF and the two third-place teams 20.000 HUF. 


1st place for „All You Can Move”:  
Dorina Kíra Szabó, Emese Szabó, Eszter Szijártó, Zsófia Vári, Réka Zsuzsanna Vécsey 


2nd place for „Cseles Drinks Kft.”:  
Rudolf Kovács, Barbara Németh, Barnabás Imre, Levente Mag, Marcell Józsa  
3rd place for „Klikkmarketing Zrt.”:  
Bence Ulics, Zsófia Román, Bálint Balogh, Dóra Balogh, Lili Aleksza 

3rd place for „Chiro Kft.”:  
Réka Virág Balázs, Petra Bakos, Tamás Harai, Gergő Papp, Johanna Orbán  


Congratulations to the winners! The cash prize and the certificate were presented to the winners by the seminar leaders during the last course. 


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