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Boys’ university championship: our students won against the Szombathely team

2024-03-05 15:27:00

A recap of the junior/boys' university championship Western Group match.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Közgáz SC and DSK – ESE Szombathely 101-72 (26-18, 22-17, 21-18, 32-19)  

Budapest, Kinizsi u. 40 spectators. V.: Gombos, Hegedűs.  


Közgáz SC and DSK: JENEI 15, KUTROVICH 12/6, PFANDLER 18/12, GALAMBOS 19/6, SÓLYOM 8. Substitutes.  


ESE Szombathelyi: Nárai 10, VICZE 11/3, GERŐLY 20/15, TAKÁCS ZS. 19/3, Várkony T. Substitutes: Németh M. 8/6, Gyánó, Frisnyák, Kiss H. 1, Várkony K. 3.    


Közgáz started with a fast, fast and accurate game with a quick 10-0 against the frustrated Szombathely team, and Péter Kéri had to call a timeout after 3 minutes. He put his team in order, and the trio of Kristóf Vicze – Márton Gerőly – Zsolt Takács followed in his opponent’s footsteps. However, Közgáz repulsed the Szombathely team’s attempt to catch up with the team with triples by Árpád Galambos and Bence Pfandler. For three quarters, the high tempo, sometimes very high quality, spectacular, but for shorter periods, the game was choppy and scrappy, and the home lead was around 10 points. At the end of the 3rd quarter, the key players of SzoESE, who had been “chasing and driving” with switched guards and extremely tight, aggressive defense, started to tire – Zsolt Takács finished the game with a 19-point, 11-rebound double-double. The final period was a game of “Közgáz” in places, and in the end it was a superior (seemingly) home win, which was well deserved by the students of Csaba Vladár.  


Statement of the home coach  

Csaba Vladár: “We defended hard and by the fourth quarter we managed to break down our opponent’s resistance. I am very happy with the victory and the game shown, good luck to the team of SzoESE.” 


Guest coach’s statement  

Péter Kéri: “We started terribly, and then, as long as we had the strength, we pushed the ten-point deficit we had gained early on. By the fourth quarter we were falling apart both on offense and defense, we were tired, congratulations to Közgáz!” 

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