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Best thesis 2019-2020: Corvinus students won

2021-03-17 13:08:42

The competition, which started in 2018 and is now announced for the second time

Our students successfully participated in IAB Hungary’s consolidated 2019-2020 “Best Thesis on Digital Marketing” competition. The competition, which started in 2018 and is now announced for the second time, received a number of interesting thesis. Most recently, it turned out to be full of influencer-themed thesis, and the winners again had something in common: they all defended their degrees on the Corvinus. Based on the decision of the jury consisting of the staff of Google, Group M, OMD and RTL Hungary sponsoring the application, as well as the members of the board of IAB Hungary and a communication expert, the following dissertations were awarded.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem


Basic period 

  • Title of the thesis: State of inbound marketing in the Hungarian SME market
  • Author: Maric Dávid (Corvinus University of Budapest, Business and Management – in English)
  • Consultant: Tibor Farkas

Master’s degree

  • Title of the thesis: Are Influencers at the service of the company? – Significance and characteristics of Influencer collaborations from a corporate perspective
  • Author: Molnár Noémi Henrietta (Corvinus University of Budapest, Management and Organization Msc,)
  • Consultant: Róbert Marciniak Dr.



  • Title of the thesis: IKEA, a furniture store full of experiences Representation of the IKEA experience on the digital stage on the company’s Facebook page
  • Author: Krisztina Fekete Fanni (Corvinus University of Budapest)
  • Consultant: Dr. Tamás Viktor Csordás

Krisztina Fekete Fanni also won the special prize of the Marketing Research magazine, which will be a publication in April.

Master’s degree

  • Title of the thesis: The relationship between brand security and brand value in the online advertising environment
  • Author: Eszter Oláh (Corvinus University of Budapest, MA in Marketing)
  • Consultant: Dr. Krisztina Ágnes Kolos

Congratulations to our winning students! The winners of the competition (graduate student and consultant) will receive a cash prize.

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