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Attend our academic year opening ceremony!

2021-08-23 11:39:51

The event will be held on 29th August, 2021, in the Castle Garden Bazaar.

Kapcsolódó hírek

Kapcsolódó események

Corvinus Ambassador

The academic year is about to begin, which we can finally open in the long-awaited way, with personal attendance. A highlight of the coming period is the academic year opening ceremony, to which all students are invited.

At the event, the guest of honour of the opening ceremony, the Minister of Finance Mihály Varga will give a speech, while the President of the Board of Trustees of the MUC Zsolt Hernádi, the Rector of the University Prof. Dr. Előd Takáts and the representative of the Student Union Dorina Molnár will welcome the guests.

At the event, new students take an oath and join the university community.

Cultural programmes will be provided by the members of the talent management programme of Kossuth Prize-winning guitarist Ferenc Snétberger, the Snétberger’s pupils, and the Corvinus Közgáz Folk Dance Ensemble, which has won numerous national and international awards.

The event will be held at one of the most impressive locations in Budapest, the Castle Garden Bazaar.

  • Event date: 29 August 2021
  • Start time: 16:00
  • Doors opening: 15:00
  • Event venue: 1013 Budapest, Ybl Miklós tér 2-6

Registration is not required for the academic year opening ceremony and you can attend without a pass.

We ask our guests to dress appropriately, in formal attire.

Pictures and video footage will be taken at the event. Please contact kommunikacio@uni-corvinus.hu if you do not consent to being in these photos and make contact with our organising colleagues at the venue.

Guests who are not native Hungarian speakers can follow the ceremony with the help of a simultaneous interpreter.

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