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An unfortunate incident at the University

2021-11-10 21:12:36

A student, who is believed to have been in confusional state, threw liquid chemical substance, presumably containing some chemical agent, at a classmate during a class on Wednesday. The University informed the relevant competent authorities and is taking all the necessary internal measures.

On 10 November, Wednesday a student, who is believed to have been in confusional state, threw chemical substance at a classmate without any prior signs. The University immediately informed the relevant competent authorities, the police officers arriving to the scene took the abusive student away, and the classmate was escorted to a professional medical examination. There is an ongoing police investigation, for which Corvinus University provides all the necessary help. In the meantime, the University starts its internal investigation. 

After the incident, Corvinus’ security services examined the classroom, where the incident had happened, and the building’s restrooms as well. No inappropriate or suspicious object or equipment was found neither in the classroom, nor in the restrooms that were searched. 

Once again, we would like to remind our students of the counselling provided by trained psychologists in the Student Support Services. Anyone who feels that they are in a difficult situation and in need of mental health support, please contact us for help! 


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