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Achieving competitive growth through cooperation – A series of Rajk programmes 

2023-05-11 12:53:52

Henry Chesbrough, the founder of open innovation, will be visiting Budapest as a guest of the Rajk College's spring programme series.

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The Rajk College of the Corvinus University of Budapest now annually awards three different prizes to internationally prominent figures in social sciences, economics and business who have had a major impact on the professional development of the College’s students. 

This spring, three of the award winners will visit Budapest to share the highlights of their work with Hungarian academia, academics and students in an exclusive masterclass. 

The first event of the Spring 2023 programme, the presentation of the 2020 Herbert Simon Award, will take place on 17 May at 18:00. Henry Chesbrough will give a lecture on “Open Innovation in the 21st century” at the Central European University (CEU), 15 Nádor Street. More details can be found on the Facebook event

More events:  

  •, 18:00 – Amy Edmondson – 2021 Herbert Simon Award Ceremony at Corvinus University of Budapest 
  • 21.06.2023, 18:30 – Raj Chetty – 2022 John von Neumann Award Ceremony at the Central European University 

The 2020 Herbert Simon Award winner, Henry Chesbrough, creator of the theory of “open innovation” and professional director of the Berkeley Haas Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation. His research interests are in innovation strategies and technology management, the foundations of which he has laid through teaching and learning at countless Ivy League universities. 

The 2021 Herbert Simon Award winner, Amy C. Edmondson currently teaches at Harvard Business School and did her undergraduate studies at Harvard. Organizational behavior is central to her work, and she has published extensively on the relationship between organizational learning and psychological safety and teaming.   

The 2022 Neumann Award winner, Raj Chetty is an American economist who has done significant work on education and inequality, with research including the Moving to Opportunity project, which examines the impact of residential relocation on the progress of families and children, and research on intergenerational mobility and the tax system. His work has been recognised with a number of awards, including the John Bates Clark Medal in 2013, which often precedes the Nobel Prize. He completed his undergraduate studies at Harvard University, where he has taught since graduating, and also leads the Opportunity Insight research group. 

The Herbert Simon Award was established in 2004 by the Rajk College, whose membership recognises theorists whose academic work has made an outstanding contribution to solving business problems. Ten years earlier, in 1994, the John von Neumann Award was established to honour scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the development of economics and related social sciences. 

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