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Accounting Club launched with an exciting topic

2024-03-18 10:47:00

Is the Accounting Act binding, and if so, why not? was the theme of the first in a series of Accounting Club events announced for the first time this year.

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

The topic was discussed by Dr. László Péter Lakatos, Head of the Institute of Accounting and Law and Dr. Gabriella Erdős, Head of the Department of Economic Law. The event was a very lively dialogue, with not only the invited speakers but also the participants and members of the audience who were able to join the discussion, ask questions and share their views.  

Interesting topics such as:  

  • the different theoretical and historical approaches of the Continental and Anglo-Saxon legal systems and their impact on accounting regulation,  
  • the role of accounting standards and interpretations and their position in the legal hierarchy, 
  • the principle and practical approach and purpose of accounting law and tax-related legislation,   
  • the role of legislators and universities in the development and effectiveness of accounting regulation.  

 To the great delight of the organisers, the event was attended not only by a large number of colleagues, but also by several former and current students, and even by academics from other universities who came to listen to the discussion and debate the topic.  

The Accounting Club will continue on 15 April with a similarly exciting topic and discussion.  

Facebook page of the Department of Accounting 

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