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Academy Prize awarded to Corvinus lecturer 

2022-05-20 14:04:32

The Presidium of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences awarded a prestigious prize of the Academy, the Academy Prize to Csaba János Békés, professor of the Department of International Relations.

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Kapcsolódó események

As a recognition of his outstanding scientific work, Csaba János Békés, professor at the Institute of International, Political and Regional Studies of Corvinus University of Budapest, the research professor at the Institute of Political Science of the Centre for Social Sciences was awarded the Academy Prize. The award was handed over by Tamás Freund, President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at the special meeting of the 195th general assembly of the public body on Monday.  

The Academy of Sciences gives this prize to researchers or research groups involved in scientific activities to recognise their outstanding research work and results achieved in recent years. In 2022, fifteen outstanding researchers were awarded this prize.  

Csaba János Békés received the prize in recognition of his monograph titled Détente and emancipation – Hungary, the Soviet block and international politics (Enyhülés és emancipáció – Magyarország, a szovjet blokk és a nemzetközi politika 1944–1991). A monograph is a synthesis that attracts attention in international relations, too, and it re-interprets the dynamics of the cold war and the détente in several respects, as well as the role of the Soviet block and Hungary, in the East-West relations and the system of international politics.  

Congratulations to the award winner!  

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