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A comprehensive review of Hungarian futures studies in light of international journal articles – Publication by Erzsébet Nováky and Tamás Kristóf 

2022-09-26 14:38:58

The publication by Erzsébet Nováky and Tamás Kristóf was published in the European Journal of Futures Research.

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This article offers an overview of the evolution of Hungarian futures studies via a systematic literature review of articles with at least one Hungarian futurist (co-)author, published in high-ranking international or English-language Hungarian journals. The review reveals how researchers from a relatively small European country, where central planning had been applied for decades, have made their way to the pages of prestigious international journals and disseminated their results in a diverse range of articles to the global research community. The number of these publications has increased decade by decade. Results of statistical-based literature review demonstrate that research period and research topic are in strong association with the quality of journal articles, yet scientometric features of Hungarian futurist (co-)authors are not significant in this aspect. However, spectacular clustering of articles can be accomplished based on the citation statistics of Hungarian futurist (co-)authors. 

Source: eujournalfuturesresearch.springeropen.com

Dr. Nováky Erzsébet erzsebet.novaky@uni-corvinus.hu Rektori Szervezet / Fenntartható Fejlődés Intézet / Gazdaságföldrajz és Városfejlesztés Tanszék
Professor emerita / Professor Emerita
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Dr. Kristóf Tamás tamas.kristof@uni-corvinus.hu Rektori Szervezet / Vállalkozás és Innováció Intézet
Egyetemi docens / Associate Professor
E épület, 246.1
Phone: +36 30 173 5574
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