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30 years of doctoral studies in marketing at Corvinus (1993-2023)

2024-05-22 10:42:00

A volume presenting the achievements of three decades of the most important workshop of marketing science in Hungary.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

The change of regime that began in 1989 did not leave the Hungarian university and academic system untouched.   

New PhD programmes have undergone many changes over the past 30 years, partly as a result of changes in legislation and partly as a result of institutional learning. Today, first-year graduates occupy a significant proportion of academic positions, and many of them work in different areas of the economy. It was time to take stock and put into historical perspective the process we have gone through, where we have been and where marketing graduates have been, and where marketing science and practice are heading, both at home and abroad.  

This rich volume also convincingly demonstrates that a large number of distinguished scholars of marketing have emerged from our alma mater, both at home and abroad. The success of the programme is of great significance for the advancement of management science at home.  

One can only hope that the achievements to date will continue to grow in the years to come, serving the needs of the practitioner as well as the domestic and international academic community. 

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