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Tutition fees

The tuition fee is different between study fields and study levels. Corvinus scholarship students receive a scholarhip equal to the tuition fee in case of a full scholarship and a part of the tuition fee in case of a part-time scholarship.

PROGRAMEEA applicants: Tuition fee (2)(3) (HUF/semester)non-EEA applicants (EUR per semester)
Business and Management760 000 HUF3000 EUR
International Business760 000 HUF3000 EUR
Applied Economics630 000 HUF3000 EUR
Communication and Media Science560 000 HUF2400 EUR
International Relations560 000 HUF2400 EUR
Sociology560 000 HUF2400 EUR
Business Informatics880 000 HUF3400 EUR
Finance900 000 HUF3400 EUR
Marketing880 000 HUF3400 EUR
International Taxation880 000 HUF3400 EUR
Full time MBA (Master of Business Administration)890 000 HUF3400 EUR
Economic Analysis700 000 HUF3400 EUR
Health Policy, Planning and Financing760 000 HUF2600 EUR
Public Policy and Management700 000 HUF2600 EUR
Communication and Media Science560 000 HUF2600 EUR
International Economy and Business610 000 HUF2600 EUR
International Relations590 000 HUF2600 EUR
Regional and Environmental Economics610 000 HUF2600 EUR
Sociology560 000 HUF2600 EUR
Economics of Family Policy and Public Policies for Human Development680 000 HUF2600 EUR
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