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Tutition fees

The tuition fee is different between study fields and study levels. Corvinus scholarship students receive a scholarhip equal to the tuition fee in case of a full scholarship and a part of the tuition fee in case of a part-time scholarship.

PROGRAMEEA applicants: Tuition fee (2)(3) (HUF/semester)non-EEA applicants (EUR per semester)
Business and Management800 000 HUF3200 EUR
International Business800 000 HUF3200 EUR
Applied Economics800 000 HUF3200 EUR *
Communication and Media Science590 000 HUF2500 EUR *
International Relations590 000 HUF2500 EUR *
Sociology590 000 HUF2500 EUR *
Business Informatics970 000 HUF3600 EUR
Finance970 000 HUF3600 EUR
Marketing930 000 HUF3600 EUR
Full time MBA (Master of Business Administration)1 400 000 HUF3800 EUR
Economic Analysis760 000 HUF3600 EUR *
Health Policy, Planning and Financing760 000 HUF2900 EUR
Public Policy and Management760 000 HUF2900 EUR *
Communication and Media Science610 000 HUF2900 EUR
International Economy and Business760 000 HUF2900 EUR *
International Relations610 000 HUF2900 EUR
Regional and Environmental Economics760 000 HUF2900 EUR
Sociology610 000 HUF2900 EUR

* The fee must be paid to NON EEA for the whole academic year, the amount for the two semesters in a single payment.

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