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Higher education accreditation is a type of quality assurance process under which services and operations of post-secondary educational institutions or programs are evaluated by an external body to determine if applicable standards are met. If standards are met, accredited status is granted by the agency.

According to the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), “Accreditation is a review of the quality of higher education institutions and programs.” This can entail an institution as a whole or a specific academic program.
AMBA accreditation denotes the highest standard of achievement in postgraduate business education. Students, Business Schools, graduates and employers all recognise it as a gold standard.

Corvinus University of Budapest has received accreditation from renowned AMBA, the Association of MBAs. This international organisation is one of the world’s leading authorities on post-graduate business education. Fewer than 300 business schools in the world hold this accreditation, the first in Hungary being Corvinus. Upon receiving the accreditation, all current MBA students and MBA alumni of the Corvinus University of Budapest are invited to join AMBA’s global member community of more than 49,000 students in more than 150 countries. Membership offers an opportunity for networking, thought leadership, career development, and a variety of other benefits.

For students, AMBA accreditation is an assurance of quality

The decision to embark on an MBA represents a major commitment for students. In a crowded education market, AMBA accreditation ensures students’ investments are rewarded with the finest business education available – and will certainly have a demonstrable impact on career paths.

For employers, AMBA accreditation is a quality mark important when recruiting managers and future business leaders

Employers looking to attract game-changing managers and future business leaders know that graduates from AMBA-accredited programmes have received the best quality, most relevant management education. To recruit a graduate from an AMBA-accredited programmes is to recruit top talent.

For Business Schools, accreditation brings international credibility and status

Accreditation gives Business Schools worldwide recognition and kudos. AMBA accreditation identifies the best programmes from the thousands available, and the developmental nature of our process helps Business Schools spot potential shortcomings. We provide a comprehensive report detailing recommendations for potential future improvements.

For MBA graduates, accreditation offers the opportunity to connect with peers from the best global MBA programmes

Student and graduate membership to AMBA means alumni can network internationally, knowing that they are connecting with individuals from equally impressive programmes. Our member services include careers advice and support, a job portal, events, access to the latest research and thought leadership and selected offers and benefits. We can open doors and facilitate opportunities
The BSIS scheme is designed to determine the extent and nature of a Business School’s Impact upon its local environment – the city or region in which it is located.

The BSIS scheme identifies the tangible and intangible benefits that a Business School brings to its local environment in the pursuit of its educational activities. The value of BSIS is that it helps Corvinus University of Budapest to keep track of the impact it has as the leading business school in Hungary from both an economic and a social point of view. The process has brought great value to the school by providing a framework to quantify and qualify its impact based on a wide reaching set of indicators.

Corvinus Business School, BSIS labeled, 2018 for the 2nd time The Business School Impact System (BSIS) scheme is designed to determine the extent of a school’s impact upon its local environment – the city or region in which it is located.  
BSIS Label
CEMS is recognised as a unique global community, comprising the world’s finest students, schools, alumni, corporate and social partners, delivering the leading international Master’s in Management (MiM) that prepares responsible leaders contributing to a more open, sustainable and inclusive world.

Founded in Europe in 1988, the CEMS alliance now comprises 33 member schools on every habitable continent, delivering the CEMS Master in International Management around the world. All are top schools within their respective countries. Corvinus University of Budapest has been a CEMS Alliance member since 1996. In order to maintain a high standard of teaching, CEMS MIM member schools must go through regular CEMS accreditation. Corvinus University is proud to have met the CEMS standards and have been successfuly accredited by CEMS for many years.  
CFA is the most widely known and respected investment qualification in the world. There are over 100,000 charter holders working in over 130 countries. Numerous regulators accept the CFA charter as a proxy for many licensing requirements. The CFA qualification provides a high standard for employers who can trust the professional knowledge of employees holding this qualification.

Corvinus University of Budapest has become an Affiliated University with three of its programmes: Bachelor’s in Finance and Accounting, Master’s in Finance (Hungarian programme), Master’s in Finanace (English programme). This membership signals to the students and to employers that the curriculum of these programmes are closely tied to the practice of investment management and is helpful to students preparing for the CFA® Program exams.  
Since 1999 the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation (EAPAA) has helped European public administration programmes to improve and assure their quality through accreditation.

EAPAA is the only quality assurance authority in Public Administration which is active throughout Europe. It has by now accredited more than 50 programmes across the continent, including most leading institutes in the field. Receiving the EAPAA seal is recognized as an international mark of distinction. It sets programmes apart in the increasingly competitive market for international students.  
EPAS accreditation is the most thorough programme accreditation system of the EFMD Global organization, for business and/or management programmes.

It is acknowledged worldwide by potential students, employers, clients and the media. EPAS helps business schools to strive for excellence in an on-going improvement process following each accreditation or re-accreditation visit.  
EQUIS accreditation is the most comprehensive institutional accreditation system for business and management schools. It is acknowledged worldwide by potential students, faculty, employers, corporate clients and the media, often being a pre-requisite for entry to rankings.

Global recognition

EQUIS provides you with a seal of excellence for the whole business school as well as a significant differentiation point in the increasingly competitive business education landscape.

International benchmarking

You can take advantage of international comparison and benchmarking through the process of evaluation by an international peer review team, including a senior corporate practitioner.

Strategic advice

EQUIS offers you strategic guidance for quality improvement and future development of your institution and all its activities, to keep you up to date in a rapidly changing global landscape.

Learning community

Being accredited makes you part of a vibrant community of mutual learning and sharing good practice with business schools coming from different higher-education systems.
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