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Master Programs taught in English

Full timetraining curriculum 2020/2021

1st year Syllabuses

International Economy and Business MSc program

Advanced Quantitative Methods
Comparative and Institutional Economics
Competitiveness and Capial Flows in the World Economy
Economics of Global and Regional Integration
Global Development and Growth
Global Political Economy
International Business Economics
International Organizations and Economic Diplomacy
Regional Economics
Research Design and Methods for World Economics
World Economics I.
World Economics II.

2nd year Syllabuses

International Economy and Business MSc Program – International Economic Analysis Specialization

Contemporary Challanges of the European Union
Data Analysis for World Economics
Dissertation Seminar I.
Economic Governance in Europe
Financial Institutions in Global Markets
Globalization, Financial Crises and Development
International Economic Policies
International Global Markets and Regulation
Research Design and Mehods for World Economics
Trade and FDI Policies Current Issues in the Global Trading System
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