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Stipendium Hungaricum & Hungarian Diaspora program

Welcome to Corvinus University of Budapest! On this page you can find the most important procedures, regulations, documents to guide during your study period at Corvinus. The Stipendium Hungaricum/Diaspora Office is responsible for both the Hungarian Diaspora and Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holders.

The Stipendium Hungaricum/Diaspora Office contact details are the following:

Bachelor, Masters & MBA students:

First steps

Housing and accommodations

  • Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship holders receive a monthly allowance of 40.000 HUF towards their housing expenses or a dormitory placement depending on availability.
  • Diaspora Scholarship holders can receive allowances or dormitory placement upon Tempus Public Foundation’s approval of the funding.
  • Placement in a university dormitory is subject to prior application and placements are limited. Students can apply for a placement for one semester at a time. Those who successfully receive a placement at one of the university dormitories commit to keeping their placement for the duration of the semester.
  • Students who move out early from their dormitory placement will not be receiving their accommodation allowance until the remainder of the semester.

Residence Permit

Please follow the simple guide below or for a detailed guide please click on the button.

After entering Hungary with your student visa you must collect your residence permit (or at least initiate your residence permit application) within 30 days of your arrival to Hungary. The university is working continously in collaboration with the National Directorate – General for Aliens Policing to organise and provide you as smooth support as possible in this process. You will be informed about precise options after your personal arrival at the university.

Accommodation Reporting Form (this will be your application for Address Card. The National Directorate – General Aliens has introduced a new type of address card with QR code from 2023. january 1st) You can find this document outside of E153, on the notice board or you will be able to download from the National Directorate – General for Aliens Policing homepage. Please fill it out in keeping with the sample (also available on the bulletin board) and get it signed by the person providing your accommodation (landlord, friend etc.) Important: If the apartment you live in has more than one owner, all owners must sign the accommodation reporting form.

For Stipendium Hungaricum Students proof of insurance can be obtained after the first registration day with the Stipendium Hungaricum Office at the beginning of the semester. Learn more about this under the “Registration at the Stipendium Hungaricum Office” section.

Bank account

Opening a bank account:

  • You can open a bank account at any Hungarian bank of your choosing. Unfortunately we cannot accept bank accounts from any non-Hungarian banks, Revolut or other virtual banks.
  • You will be required to open a HUF bank account with a Hungarian bank to receive your stipend.
  • You will need your passport and may be required to show your residence permit. Please go to a branch to check if they will allow you to open an account without having a residence permit, if you didn’t receive yours yet.
  • Most of the bank accounts in Hungary have a low monthly maintenance fee (300 – 1000 HUF/ month) and have an annual card fee associated with them (ranging up to 5000 HUF / annum). Often this is waived for the first year or altogether if you choose the right type of account. Cash withdrawal from an ATM is free twice a month for up to 150.000 HUF (in total) but only if you use the ATM with the logo of your own bank! Please ask the account manager in the bank to make sure this option is set up for you.

Requesting a Tax ID

  • Only your passport is needed for the Tax ID application. You need to visit the National Tax and Customs Office in person (the closest office to the university is: 1097 Budapest, Vaskapu u. 33-35.)
  • (We recommend you to check the office hours before visiting the National Tax and Customs Office as they might change.)
  • The card will be sent to you several months after the application, but you get the number immediately when you apply for it. Please send your tax ID number to your Corvinus Study Coordinator, who will register it in Neptun. Please note that the scholarship transfer is not possible if your Tax Number is not registered in Neptun!

For more information please click on the Info Guide.

Registration with the Student office / Doctoral School (applies only to PhD students)

  • The primary role of the Stipendium Hungaricum Office is to assist you with non-academic related matters, such as stipend, insurance, Stipendium Hungaricum regulations, etc.
  • You have been assigned a Study Coordinator who will assist you with questions regarding your studies. They will contact you before your arrival to Hungary. Please make sure to visit their office as they will ask you to present your original documents from your home country. They will issue the Student ID and be a general contact for any academic questions during your studies.
  • You can contact them and visit their office prior or after the registration with the Stipendium Office. Please note, an appointment might be required.
  • You can find your study coordinator as follows: bachelor and master students in the Students Service Area (main building, first floor, in front of the main staircase); PhD students need to enroll to the University in the Doctoral Office

Mandatory medical examination for first year students

Students who enroll to their degree program starting from September 2023 are required to pass a medical test mandated by the Hungarian Government. Details of this examination will be sent out via email.

Registration at the Stipendium Hungaricum Office

The primary role of the Stipendium Hungaricum & Diaspora Office is to assist you with non academic related matters, such as stipend, insurance, SH/DSP regulations, etc. Registration with the SH/DSP Office in the beginning of each semester is mandatory in keeping with the Operational Regulations of the scholarship program. The registration period usually runs during the first two weeks of each semester, the specific details of this will be sent to you by the SH/DSP Program Coordinator via email before the registration period. Further registration dates can be provided during the semester if needed.

You will need to complete the registration in-person to receive the monthly stipend and sign up for the UNIQA private insurance provided to SH/DSP students.

General regulations and the Stipend

Travel regulations

Stipendium Hungaricum & Diaspora students are allowed to travel for up to 10 working days without an institutional approval during the semester which includes both the study period, break and examination period. Please remember, absences during the semester add up.

We request, that if the student leaves Hungary for less than 10 working days to send an email to the Stipendium Office informing them about the trip and destination country.

If a student wishes to travel for a period longer than 10 working days an approval must be requested.

After the end of the examination period in each semester and during the summer break students can travel approval free until the next semester and registration in the SH Office.

Failing to meet the reporting obligations when required is a breach of the student’s contract with the university and can result in the termination of the scholarship status.

Trips lasting between 10 working days and 30 calendar days:

Approval to travel between 10 working days and 30 calendar days can only be given in special circumstances, for example in cases of travelling for medical treatments, death in the family, childbirth, etc. An approval can be requested via email and has to include the date of departure and return with a brief explanation for the reason of the trip. The SH Office will aim to process and respond to all requests within 3 working days. During the trip lasting less than 30 calendar days the student’s scholarship status won’t be affected and they will continue to receive the stipend.

Trips lasting longer than 30 calendar days:

  • Trips lasting over 30 calendar days require the Stipendium Office’s approval. Students who wish to leave Hungary for a longer period need to email the office and state their date of departure, planned date of return if applicable and reason for the request.
  • Those who leave Hungary for over 30 calendar days will have their stipend cancelled and will have to passivate their academic semester and scholarship status.
  • This rule is currently suspended as Tempus Public Foundation has approved students to leave Hungary for the semester after meeting the above conditions with the exception of being able to keep an active student status.

Information on the stipend for Stipendium Hungaricum students

  • Your stipend consists of a 40.000 HUF accommodation allowance (if you are not living in one of the Corvinus University dormitories) and 43.700 HUF (bachelor and master level) / 140.000 or 180.000 HUF/month (doctoral level) personal expenses allowance each month.
  • This is transferred directly to your bank account via Neptun. After the initial registration at the SH/DSP office in the beginning of each semester it can take up to 1-2 months until you receive your first stipend transfer to your bank account. Each following month after the first transfer you should receive your stipend on a regular monthly schedule, around the 10th of each month.
  • Please note the following: The SH/DSP office does not issue the payments directly. We try to make sure to process the payments as soon as possible, but due to the large number of administrative steps, it can take some time. Please try to complete your in-person registration with the SH/DSP Office as soon as you are notified, as you can greatly speed up the transaction process.
  • The stipend can be reduced if not meeting the study and exam requirements of the mandatory Hungarian language classes. This only applies to bachelor and master students who started their scholarship status first during the 2023/24 academic year. Please see the section below regarding the mandatory language classes.

Information on the stipend for Hungarian Diaspora students

  • Your stipend consists of a 40.000 HUF accommodation allowance (if you are not living in one of the Corvinus University dormitories) and 43.700 HUF (bachelor and master level) / 140.000 or 180.000 HUF/month (doctoral level) personal expenses allowance each month.
  • This is transferred directly to your bank account via Neptun. After the initial registration at the SH/DSP office in the beginning of each semester it can take up to 1-2 months until you receive your first stipend transfer to your bank account. Each following month after the first transfer you should receive your stipend on a regular monthly schedule, around the 10th of each month.
  • Please note the following: The SH/DSP office does not issue the payments directly. We try to make sure to process the payments as soon as possible, but due to the large number of administrative steps, it can take some time. Please try to complete your in-person registration with the SH/DSP Office as soon as you are notified, as you can greatly speed up the transaction process.
  • To continue to receive the monthly stipend in upcoming years Diaspora scholarship holders must particiapte in at least 3 Diaspora events organized by either Tempus Public Foundation or the Diaspora Mentor Network.

Mandatory Hungarian classes for Stipendium Hungaricum students

Taking part in and taking an exam of the Hungarian as a Foreign Language classes is mandatory for all students in Bachelor, Masters and MBA level who started their studies during or after the 2020/21 academic year.

The university will inform you via email at the beginning of your studies about registration for these classes and how to pick up your free language books.

Please remember the maximum number of absences and the exam requirements outlined by the language program, as not meeting them can affect your stipend according to the following:

If you fail to meet the obligation of passing the Hungarian Language SH I. and Hungarian Language SH II. courses, your Scholarship Allowance will be reduced as given in the SH Scholarship regulations:

Obligations Related to Learning Hungarian as a Foreign Language and Culture (SH Operational Regulations, 10 December 2020.)

A scholarship holder in full-time foreign language bachelor’s and master’s courses (including also one-tier master’s degree) is required to attend the Hungarian as a foreign language and culture course (hereinafter referred to as the Hungarian abbreviation: MID) provided by the host institution in the first year of their studies in the SH Programme.
Should the scholarship holder fail to fulfill its obligation under paragraph 1, the amount of the scholarship fixed in Section III.1.2. b) i) of the Operational

Regulations shall be reduced. Cases and rates of scholarship reduction are detailed in the Implementation Guide.

Stipendium Hungaricum Implementation Regulations (Hungarian version – Translated to English by CUB -, p. 34. III.2.2., 3rd paragraph)

If a scholarship holder does not fulfill his/her obligations regarding class attendance and or the exam requirements their monthly personal expenses allowance of 43.700 HUF will be reduced from the second year of studies according to the following:

  • by missing the classes the stipend will be reduced to 0 HUF / month until the end of the scholarship status, (the number of maximum number of absences allowed are contained in the operational regulations of the institution)
  • visiting classes but missing their obligations to take and or meet the examination requirements the stipend will be reduced to 30.000 HUF / month.

Mandatory Hungarian classes for Hungarian Diaspora students

Diaspora Scholarship holders studying in foreign language programmes (including all levels of education) are required to attend a Hungarian as a foreign language and culture course provided by the host institution, during their studies pursued under the HDS programme.

Students are required to take and pass a complex min. B2 level exam in Hungarian as a foreign language preferably before obtaining their degree at the level of education associated with the scholarship holder status, but no later than one year after having obtained the degree.

In case a scholarship holder fails to comply with the obligation to learn Hungarian as a foreign language and culture, their scholarship holder status shall be terminated. In case a scholarship holder fails to comply with the obligation to take a language exam, they shall be required to repay the full training and scholarship costs for the degree program they studied in.

Further requirements

As a scholarship holder there are certain regulations you need to adhere to. These regulations and requirements form an integral part of the Stipendium Hungaricum & Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship programs. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the Rights and Obligations of a scholarship holder on the relevant website: Stipendium Hungaricum or Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship.

Some (but not all!) of the most important rules are outlined below.

Regulations about the minimum number of completed credits (only for bachelor and master students):

  • Students must complete a minimum of 36 credits during their last 2 active semesters to keep their scholarship. Those who do not meet the 36-credit requirement will be dismissed from the program and if they wish, have to continue their studies as a tuition fee paying student.

Regulations about completing the mandatory questionnaire:

  • Students are also obliged to complete the mandatory questionnaire sent by Tempus Public Foundation directly to them at the end of their semester. Failing to do this results in the termination of the scholarship status.

Regulations about a passive semester:

  • Students can choose / request a passive status in Neptun during the beginning of the semester. As a scholarship holder the Scholarship Agreement signed by the student and the university is extended with the length of the passive status, therefore a passive semester doesn’t count as part of the scholarship funded semesters. The student is required to sign a new Scholarship Agreement after the passive semester.
  • Students can set their status passive a maximum of 2 times consecutively. During the passive status students are not entitled to receive the benefits of the scholarship program.

Health Insurance

UNIQA medical insurance

  • Stipendium Hungaricum students can register for the optional UNIQA private insurance which provides coverage for emergency treatment, regular doctoral visits, and sudden illnesses. UNIQA does not cover any pre-existing medical condition and it’s treatment. UNIQA has a 24-7 call center with English speaking operators who can help and direct students in case of a medical need.
  • Registration for the insurance is possible each semester by submitting the UNIQA registration form during the mandatory in-person registration period with the SH/DSP Office. The insurance period is detailed on the document, but on average runs from September 1st – January 31 st & February 1 st – August 31 st.
  • After submitting the UNIQA declaration form at the registration period, students can expect to receive an email from the SH/DSP Office within around 3 working days confirming the start of their insurance coverage.
  • UNIQA does not provide a card or send a confirmation directly, however students receive a signed copy of their application document as proof of registration.

For more useful details please follow the Info guide.

TAJ card registration and renewal

TAJ card is the Hungarian State Health Insurance, issued by the National Healht Fund of Hungary. The SH/DSP Office assists students with the application process and hands out the cards. The application process can take up to 6 months, with the TAJ number (can be used to apply for jobs / internships) being ready first and after the card following it.

Please remember, that applying for the TAJ card is your responsibility, and we would advise you to do it as soon as you received your Residence Permit and Address Card.

Please follow the guide below for more details about appliation process, submission, etc.

TAJ card vs UNIQA

We prepared a document outlining the differences between the TAJ card and UNIQA private insurance.

Registration with a local Hungarian doctor (háziorvos)

After you receive your TAJ card, it is strongly recommended to register with a local district doctor called “háziorvos” in Hungarian. We prepared a document  to guide through you this process and a list with addresses to help you find the nearest doctor to your address in Budapest.

Stipendium Hungaricum & Diaspora Academic Matters

Changing institutions, majors or language

According to Tempus Public Foundation’s (TPF) Stipendium Hungaricum (SH) Operational Regulations:

The host institution, the majors within the institution and the language of studies can be changed only once after submitting a special student request. The deadline of submitting the requests to Tempus Public Foundation is 1. December (for the spring semester) and 15. May (for the fall semester) in every school year.

The scholarship holder may change all of them at the same time (in any kind of combination) but only once during his/her scholarship period. Institutions, majors and languages can be changed only at the end of the semester, so that the scholarship holder could start the next semester in the new institution. Institutions, majors and languages can be changed only within one year after beginning the studies leading to a university degree.

The request – if it is relevant – must also include the extension of the studies with the scholarship. The allocation decision regarding the student at his/her entry to the programme and after the preparatory programme cannot be altered by the student’s request to change institutions, majors or languages except point III.3.14.

Changing host institution, major or language is allowed only on the same programme level. Changing major, institution or language is not possible during partial studies. The language of the study programme may be changed primarily from a foreign language to Hungarian. The teaching language can be changed only in exceptional cases from Hungarian to a foreign language, as fairness on individual basis with the approval of Tempus Public Foundation.

Students attending the preparatory course in Hungarian cannot change the language of education, they can only do so in the case of a programme (after a preparatory programme) in Hungarian language, in justified cases.

Documents to be submitted to TPF for changing institutions, majors or/and languages:

  • a request signed by the student
  • a letter of acceptance by the future host institution
  • a written approval from Corvinus University (after presenting an acceptance letter of the future institution)

The student must send the request for changing institutions, majors or/and languages with the compulsory annexes to the SH Unit online to stipendiumhungaricum@tpf.hu

Students cannot appeal after the decision is made on the request for changing institutions, majors or/and languages.

Host institution, major or language may be changed from the end of the preceding term until 15. September for the autumn semester and until 15. February for the spring semester (i.e. students must actually arrive and enroll to the new study programme/host institution by these dates at the latest).

Students must also notify the Stipendium Office via email and write a short explanation detailing the reasons for changing institutions, majors and/or languages.

Requesting an extension

According to Stipendium Hungaricum Operational Regulation (III.4.1) the scholarship holder may extend the scholarship period by a total of two semesters in  Hungarian bachelor’s, master’s and one-tier master’s programmes, requesting the semesters one-by-one, always at the end of the last scholarship-financed semester around the middle of November (in the Fall semester) and the middle of April (in the Spring semester).

  • Scholarships may not be renewed for doctoral, preparatory, specialization and part-time courses.

Steps of applying for an extension:

Documents required to be submitted by the student:

  • The SH Office will collect all the required documents and decides whether an institutional approval of support can be given to the application, afterwards they will send it for approval to Tempus Public Foundation.
  • Extension of the scholarship status is possible only if you are in active student status in the semester for which you have requested the extension. Once you have completed all the academic (and non-academic – e.g. mandatory internship) requirements of your study program in full, your legal status as a student ends at Corvinus University (i.e. you get into „absolved” status) and you will also lose your scholarship status.
  • Submission of the Thesis Work does not require student status, it can be submitted within 2 years from reaching „absolved” status. The Thesis Work is the requirement for being awarded the diploma.

The extension request form filled out, signed, and scanned by the student (Please download it from here)

  • Transcript of records (available for download from Neptun > Information > General forms > Course completion form / Credit certificate )
  • Certificate of Study Progress (from your Corvinus Study Coordinator)

Please note, that the SH Office will only be able to process all applications and notify you of the decision of institutional support around the 15th of December for the fall semester and 15th of May for the spring semester.

The application is only considered successful and accepted after the final approval from Tempus Public Foundation. TPF will contact the students directly and unfortunately the SH Office won’t be able to answer any questions regarding the decision prior to TPF contacting the student with the decision. Students who started their studies in September 2020 or later are not eligible for the stipend and private medical insurance during their extended period.

The SH Office may not notify students directly when they reached the end of their original scholarship status. Students are responsible to request an extension without any prior warning from the SH Office and to keep the deadlines mentioned above.


Residence permit

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UNIQA insurance

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TAJ card vs UNIQA

TAJ card

TAJ application guide
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TAJ card vs UNIQA
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