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New subscribed database – wiiw – is live

From February 2024 wiiw-databases have become available.

The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies – wiiw – is a research centre of Central, East and Southeast Europe. The independent, non-profit institution focuses on macroeconomic developments and structural change, international economics, labour markets and social issues, as well as on selected issues related to sectoral and regional economic developments.

In the frame of their research they build a wide range of statistical databases, such as Annual, Monthly and FDI databases. In our subscription all three databases are included. Access is available via IP.

The wiiw Annual database contains key macroeconomic and structural indicators for 23 CESEE countries are compiled on an annual basis with regular updates. Most of the time series start in 1989, for some countries go even back in the 1960s.

The wiiw Monthly database contains leading economic indicators for 23 CESEE countries. Time series usually start in 1990/91.

The wiiw FDI Database contains time series on FDI inflows and outflows by partner country and by activity for 23 CESEE countries. This data allows to generate country-, and industry-specific FDI profiles. The time series are updated twice a year and start from 1990 onward.

Content description is available from the database list.

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