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The Economist’s online subscription has just arrived.

Kapcsolódó posztok

Kapcsolódó események

We are happy to announce that from February 2024 the Library offers subscribed access to the online version of The Economist.

The well-known British weekly newspaper, founded in 1843, focuses on current affairs, international business, politics, technology, and culture.

All members of the Corvinus community have the opportunity to read The Economist online on different devices. The current subscription includes:

  • Full access to our award-winning coverage
  • Newsletters—curated topical opinion
  • The digital archive—to support all your research
  • Podcasts and narrated articles to listen to on-the-go
  • Live digital events

The access is available via domain (@uni-corvinus.hu and @stud.uni-corvinus.hu) and requires registration. To register follow these steps:

Step 1

Register on The Economist website: myaccount.economist.com/s/login/SelfRegister using

your organisation or academic institution email address

Step 2

You will receive a verification email titled “You’ve been given an Economist subscription” from no-reply@economist.com, where you can verify your email address.

Step 3

You will be returned to economist.com and will have full access to enjoy the subscription.

For more technical instructions check this pdf.

Enjoy reading The Economist online.

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