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Significant infrastructural developments are taking place in Building C: 2 LABs, 7 new offices are being built

Under the coordination of Infrastructure Services, in December 2020, large-scale construction work began in the second-floor reading room separated from the University Library.

 As a result of the development, at the end of March 2021, the involved employees will be able to use two new LABs and 7 new office spaces for 39 people.

The FinTech laboratory of the MNB Institute and the LEAN laboratory of the Supplier and Industrial Development Research Center, which is suitable for optimizing production and industrial processes, will be located in the 430-square-meter area, which has been connected to the educational building.

Employees of the MNB Institute and Corvinus Communications will move to the new offices. A comfortable working environment is also provided by the 4-square-meter kitchenette equipped with kitchen appliances near the offices.

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