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New House Rules at Corvinus

This academic year starts under the new university house rules that came into force at the beginning of the summer, so we have summarised the most important details.

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Corvinus Épület

Changes to the opening hours of the University’s educational buildings  

All campuses of the University are now open from 7:00 to 21:00 from Monday to Friday and from 7:00 to 19:00 on Saturdays.   

On Sundays the buildings are closed.   

Permission to stay beyond opening hours can be requested via the digital form of the Campus Service.  

Wi-Fi usage / guest Wi-Fi  

A wireless network is available in all university buildings.  Access for students, staff and the latter’s guests is available via the Cornet-EAP network, using the Cusman ID. Staff can create a weekly ID for their guests using the dedicated interface

Support for individual travel  

Bicycles cannot be brought into the building, but can be stored in the bicycle lockers near the building entrances. University staff can also use the locked bicycle storage facilities in the underground car park of Building C for a one-off fee, they can apply for the right of use at the following link. For those arriving at the University by bicycle, there are also shower facilities in the men’s and women’s changing rooms on the sixth floor of Building C, opposite classroom 659.  

Scooters and roller skates may be brought into the buildings, but must be carried in hand and cannot be used in the building.  

Food and drink consumption  

The University buildings and their furnishings must be used and maintained by all persons for their intended purpose. Food and drink must not be brought into the computer rooms or into rooms where there is a sign prohibiting it. Alcohol may be brought onto and consumed on University premises only during authorised events (e.g. ball, gala dinner, Christmas party, Senate holiday meeting, awards ceremony). 

Unauthorised commercial activity and advertising (e.g., billboards, stop signs, wall stickers, and flyers) on University premises is prohibited and may be authorised by the Director of Campus Services (engedely@uni-corvinus.hu).  

Animal-friendly university  

Pets, with the exception of guide dogs or other medical therapy dogs, are only permitted for employees. Pets may be brought into the student lounge, the Library and open areas of the University for transport purposes only (on a leash, in a cage or otherwise securely transported) and in compliance with all public health requirements (chipped, vaccinated, etc.). 

Employees may bring their pets into the closed office premises at their own risk, provided that all colleagues working in the office agree, that the pets can be safely kept inside and that all public health requirements are met (chip, vaccination, etc.). Only one pet may be in an office at a time and must be notified to Campus Services prior to the first occasion of bringing it in. (engedely@uni-corvinus.hu)  

Persons eligible to take action  

Campus Services has the authority and responsibility to enforce and monitor compliance with the House Rules and to initiate any necessary procedures. 

If an incident occurs of such severity that notification of the police and/or other authorities is required, it should be reported to the Security Guard and/or Security Service in person or by telephone (Building E: +36-1-482-5199, Building C: +36-1-482-7373, Salt House: +36-1-482-7620) for them to make the notification. If the circumstances do not allow involvement of the security service, they must be informed immediately after the authority has been informed and will accompany the arriving authority to the appropriate location. 

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