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Personal Leadership Branding: developing leadership identity

Develop new skills and strengthen your knowledge that enables you to design successful communication!

Corvinus University of Budapest

Normal application deadline: 2024.03.02

Program director: Andrea Toarniczky, PhD

Program instructor:

Length of program: 6 days

Language of the program: English

Tuition fees: gross 407 000 HUF (including 27% VAT)

Early bird tuition fees: gross 346 000 HUF (including 27% VAT)

Qualification offered by the program:

  • The course’s aims will be reached based on following activities:
  • Through various tools an important body of knowledge will be generated and the related theoretical concepts and models discussed.
  • Participants will explore and develop their leadership identity through experiential learning, involving feedback from an extended network not only their peers.
  • Participants will learn how to interpret and use the generated data to design their Personal Leadership Brand (PLB).
  • Participants will apply their PLB to (re)design their LinkedIn profile. 
  • Participants will practice how to communicate their PLB in different work situations (e.g. first meeting with your new team etc.) 

Schedule of the programme:

Each day the course starts at 1 PM until 5:50 PM.

  • 2024.03.09
  • 2024.03.23
  • 2024.04.06 
  • 2024.04.20 
  • 2024.05.04 
  • 2024.05.18 

The program will be launched if sufficient applicants apply.

Education is in the form of offline attendance.


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Our programme is perfect for...

Personal leadership branding it is essential for the advancement of your career and development as an authentic leader. Communicates the value you offer and your distinctiveness as a leader. The course aims to support you in developing your leadership identity and practicing the skills necessary to make it inspirational and impactful.

Topics of the module

  • Focus your leadership identity
  • Become aware of the shadow of your leadership identity
  • Define your personal leadership brand
  • Give perspective to your personal leadership brand
  • Make your personal leadership brand rea
  • Test your personal leadership brand during critical communicative events

Admission requirements

Work experience as middle manager: min. 1 year. There is no need for a degree in business related fields. 

Study visas cannot be required for courses.

Welcome to the Personal Leadership Branding: Developing Leadership Identity Program!

What is personal leadership brand? -   is the value you are able to consistently deliver to those whom you are serving as a leader. This doesn’t mean creating awareness in others about your success and achievements. Creating your personal brand as a leader requires introspection - become aware of your true identity and your growth needs. Managing your personal brand requires you to act on your developmental needs and to be a role model, mentor and an authentic voice.  

Why is important personal leadership branding? – it is essential for the advancement of your career and development as an authentic leader. Communicates your leadership identity and distinctiveness as leader. 

The course will be structured as a training program, where the course instructors are present as facilitators, while also inspiring and guiding group discussions and activities. 

Corvinus University of Budapest

Andrea Toarniczky, PhD

Program director

About the instuctor

Corvinus University of Budapest

Andrea Toarniczky PhD

Andrea Toarniczky is associate professor at Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB) and programme director for the executive MBA. She teaches Organizational Behaviour, Organizational Culture, Diversity Management and gives personal development, leadership development and communication skills trainings at postgraduate and EMBA level. She studied physics and business at “Babes-Bolyai” University (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), she held international scholarships at HEC, Paris (France) and IESE, Barcelona (Spain). Andrea got her Ph.D. in 2012 from CUB (Hungary). Her main fields of interest are professional and leadership identity development, social entrepreneurship. Andrea participated in different national and international research projects (e.g. EnRRICH (H2020 project), CIRCLET (Erasmus+), ProAbility (EGT project). She developed tailor made leadership development trainings for start-up companies, and has experience as career and executive coach.

Competences aquired after the course

  • Self – awareness: Participants will assess and enhance their self-awareness, becoming authentic and accountable, taking responsibility for their own development process. 

  • Authentic communication: Listens and communicates transparently, understands and can transmit complex messages. Uses different communication channels adaptively. 

  • Integrity: Explores and articulates values and principles involved in personal leadership developmental process. Clarifies personal and role boundaries. 

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