Corvinus Communication Conferences (CoCoCo)

Melting Ice, Hot Topics: Conference on Sustainability Communication

Conference on Sustainability Communication for Young Researchers

Corvinus University of Budapest

The Doctoral School of Sociology and Communication Science at Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary) is proud to host the first online Corvinus Communication Conference (CoCoCo) titled “Melting Ice, Hot Topics: Conference on Sustainability Communication” 21st April 2023 for Young Researchers (primarily, but not limited to MA students, PhD students, Postdocs).

In the famous words of Sir David Attenborough, “saving our planet is now a communications challenge. We know what to do, we just need the will”. Yet how exactly should we address this “communications challenge”? How can we communicate efficiently for pro-sustainable behaviour change? These are the main questions the conference addresses. 

The aim of the conference

To explore the interdisciplinary challenges of the three pillars of sustainability: the ecological, social, and economic aspects, and to create a platform to discuss the latest research in the field of sustainability communication. We invite Young Researchers who are passionate to work towards a societal-level sustainability transition to participate in this discussion.

We invite a broad range of papers that address issues related to (but not limited to) any of the following:

• Sustainability communication;

• Environmental communication;

• Climate change communication;

• Environmental sociology;

• Environmental psychology;

• Environmental resilience and adaptation;

• Ecolinguistics.

Please send us a short abstract (150-200 words) that includes the title, the name of the presenter(s), your affiliation and 5 keywords by 10 March 2023 to the following email address:

Accepted abstracts will be published in an online Book of Abstracts in an extended form (1-2 pages).


Important Dates

Abstract submission: 10 March 2023

Notification of acceptance: 17 March 2023

Abstract submission for Book of Abstracts: 31 March 2023

Conference: 21 April 2023

Until the conference we have:


Confirmed Plenary Speakers

Paola Sartoretto completed a doctoral degree in Media and Communication in 2015 at Karlstad University in Sweden and has been a post-doctoral fellow at the Nordic Institute of Latin American Studies at Stockholm University between 2018 and 2020. She has been conducting research on the interplay between collective organisation, social mobilisation and communication, focusing on the appropriation of digital media by activists and social movements and, recently, on digital media and the construction of collective memory among activist collectives. Sartoretto has also been teaching and supervising at Swedish Universities since 2009, with extensive experience teaching courses in research methods, Global Media Studies, Media Activism, Communication and Social Change, and Latin American Studies.

Corvinus University of Budapest

Paola Sartoretto
Program Director of the Sustainable Communication MA program at Jönköping University

Corvinus University of Budapest

Annamaria Neag
Research Fellow at the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism at Charles Univesity

Dr. Annamária Neag is Principal Investigator for the “Digital Activism: Children and Youth Digital Civic Engagement in a Globalised World research project, based at Charles University, Prague. Prior to that she was a Marie Curie Research Fellow at The Centre for Excellence in Media Practice. Having a background in journalism and media studies, she brings together the disciplines of media literacy, education and migration studies. Dr. Neag has worked previously at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary) and Nottingham University (Ningbo, China).

Organising Committee:

Dr Réka Benczes, Dr Lajos Kovács, Orsolya Kovács-Magosi, Dr Levente Székely, Anilla Till.

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