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Reconstruction of the Garden of the Ménesi Campus Begins

2023-01-18 16:17:32

Not only the buildings are being transformed on Ménesi út, but also the green space will be renewed.

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Unfortunately, the campus garden has not received the attention and care its plants would have deserved over the past few years. It is clearly visible from the street, in the state of the garden,  withered trees, broken branches, overgrown weeds and grassy paths.  

As part of the renovation, a detailed vegetation survey (including an instrumental tree survey) was conducted, dry, diseased, alien, invasive species were identified and the final delineation of the areas needed for construction took place this year. 

The 11,000 m2 garden is an important part of the campus under construction, so we have placed great emphasis on making it both student and environmentally friendly, as it will add a new feature to University which did not exist before. By November, a detailed garden design had been completed, with two goals: to optimise the outdoor functions of the buildings and to preserve their natural values through appropriate management. The garden should have three functions: primarily, it should provide easy access within the campus, and also space for outdoor events and quiet retreats. Accordingly, in addition to areas suitable for events, we have designed smaller, more intimate spaces for rest, relaxation and learning. This also gives an opportunity to hold outdoor classes. In addition to a clean and uniform look, timelessness and comfort were also important factors in the choice of furniture and the design of the spaces. 

The renewed multifunctional outdoor sports field will provide opportunities for outdoor activities. As an outdoor continuation of the building’s buffet, a new buffet terrace will be created to also serve as a food truck stop for events. 

The required tree felling will be carried out in two phases based on an official horticultural assessment, in accordance with the relevant legislation, with the permission of the municipality and subject to the payment of the imposed tree replacement fee. The first phase was completed by the general contractor in the summer of 2022 and the second will take place in winter 2023. The planting of new vegetation will begin at the end of spring. 

A limited number of new trees will be planted, in order to achieve a horticulturally appropriate density of trees that do not take up each other’s space. However, the pruning of existing trees, removal of unproductive branches and shoots and, in some cases, the removal of ivy and mistletoe is also essential.  

The aim of planting shrubs is to provide opening up plants all year-round wherever possible, so the planned species include hawthorn, French maple and Sacred Bamboo, which will add colour to the park in late autumn and winter. These will be complemented by helebore and forget-me-not species, lavender and laurel. 

In addition, in total 3,290 m2 of green roof will be added to the campus buildings, with a part above the auditorium providing a pleasant view from the windows of the higher towers. Of course, once the work is finished, the fence around the park will also be renovated. 

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