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Economy and religion – book launch at Corvinus

2022-09-26 10:49:28

The collection of studies titled ‘Economy and Religion – Innovative Models of Economic Spirituality’ edited by the staff of the Business Ethics Centre, László Zsolnai, Gábor László Kovács and András Ócsai was presented at the Corvinus University on 13 September.

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The event was attended by the Rector of the Corvinus, the head of the Corvinus Institute for Advanced Studies (CIAS), the editors and co-authors of the book, as well as the heads, lecturers and researchers of a number of universities in Budapest and in the country.  

The event was opened by Előd Takáts Rector, who said that as an economist, and having read the book, now he sees the relation between economy and spirituality in a different light. The Rector thinks it is worth thinking about these issues in one system, as the studies in the book do not only show us how to be good professionals, but also how to be good people. ‘Economists make rational decisions, trying to operate in a way as if spirituality did not play any part in life.’ However, rational thinking in itself is not enough for life – added Zoltán Szántó Rector, head of the CIAS, and in his speech he pointed out that the book titled Economy and Religion grew from one of the projects of the CIAS.  The organisation of international researchers has been operating at the Corvinus for four years, in line with the strategic objectives of the University: in the autumn semester of academic year 2022/23, the CIAS receives 14 researchers, who will be able to work on their research for 10 months in an international and inspiring environment.   

László Zsolnai, head of the Business Ethics Centre of the Corvinus talked about the significance of the painting by Vasily Kandinsky (Yellow-red-blue) on the cover of the book, as the Russian artist also dealt with spirituality in his works of art and written works, too. Zsolnai identified the key question of their book as follows: ‘How does spirituality influence economy at macro level and the establishment of what novel operation models could be facilitated by the ideas of world religions?  

The book titled ‘Economy and Religion: Innovative Models of Economic Spirituality’ attempts to give a comprehensive picture about the economic concepts of world religions and the related economic and management models. It provides a complex presentation of the creating force of economic spirituality through inspiring domestic and international examples.  

The studies in the book were written by outstanding Christian and non-Christian authors, economists and religious science experts such as Balázs Márk Bokros OSB, Sarolta Laura Baritz OP, Ulrich Kiss SJ, Gábor Balázs, Zsolt Rostoványi, István Kamarás and Madhupati Dāsa.    

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