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Corvinus introduces two-factor authentication for all Microsoft accounts

2023-09-11 15:43:00

From next week, the only way to log in to your Outlook and Teams accounts, among others, will be to set up two-factor authentication.

Corvinus introduces two-factor authentication for all Microsoft accounts on campus to ensure more secure use. The rollout will be centralised, so all you will need to do after September 18 is to enter a second authentication method when you first log in to your account in any application where you use your university email address (all Microsoft applications, MyCorvinus application and HUB). 

You can choose from the following secondary authentication methods: 

  • Download Microsoft Authenticator (recommended) 
  • Confirmation code sent by SMS 
  • Identification by telephone 

The authentication method must be selected and configured once. Then, for each new login, and after 30 days at the latest for accounts that are left logged in, you will be asked to enter a numerical code as a second step after the email address and password, which you will receive either in the app or via SMS (depending on your choice). The only time you will not need a second step to log in is if you wish to log in from the university network (i.e. connected to the buildings’ wifi or the university’s VPN network). 

During the setup process, the system will guide all users through each step, but to be on the safe side, we’ve also included a short guide to the setup (see below). If you get stuck in the process or a setting does not work, contact the IT Helpdesk (ithelpdesk@uni-corvinus.hu) for help. 

Multi-factor authentication (also known as MFA) is a method of securing access to digital accounts. It’s important because even if your account password is compromised in a cyber-attack, they won’t have access to your email, documents, cloud services or even Teams messages, as they need to take one more step to verify your identity.  

The description of the service provided by Microsoft is available here. About the options for setting up Microsoft Authenticator information material is available here. 

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