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Corvinus and OTP Bank sign strategic agreement

2024-05-14 16:16:00

The Corvinus-OTP Bank cooperation will further expand the university's network of contacts with leading Hungarian companies, allowing Corvinus students to gain direct experience from the business sector, the practical knowledge it accumulates and the market needs.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

The signing ceremony of the three-year cooperation agreement was attended by Anthony Radev, President of Corvinus University of Budapest, and Chancellor Ákos Domahidi, on behalf of Corvinus University, and Péter Csányi, Deputy CEO and Dóra Ferenczy, Head of Department, on behalf of OTP Bank, on 13 May. 

“We can competitively prepare our students for the labour market if we build strong partnerships with the most successful, leading companies. OTP Bank has become one of these companies that share their experience and directly contribute to the professional development of new generations and the launch of their careers during their university years. And Corvinus is well placed to put this practical knowledge from the market to excellent use,” said Anthony Radev, President of Corvinus, on the agreement.   

“This strategic cooperation aims to enable Corvinus students to see OTP Bank not as a distant large corporation, but to get to know it up close through internship and mentoring programmes, lectures and various platforms, and then to see it as a competitive alternative as a domestic employer“, said Péter Csányi, Deputy CEO of OTP Bank. 

As part of the agreement, Corvinus University will provide the company with a bi-annual academic forum for joint thinking, identifying and addressing market and industry needs, risks and challenges. OTP Bank participates in Corvinus’ strategic partner meetings for innovation, research and development collaborations, as well as in dialogues on the university’s strategic directions. The bank is present at Corvinus job fairs, collaborates in developing the university’s career planning platform and raises financial awareness among Corvinus students. 

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