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Let’s renew the social spaces of Corvinus together!

Tailor the internal spaces of the University to your own requirements, and take part in the hackathon about the designing of the social spaces of the Main Building!
2021.10.14. 14:00
1093. Budapest, Fővám tér
Building E
Lecture Hall III
Information: kommunikacio@uni-corvinus.hu

Since the summer, a special team including students, teachers and staff members responsible for the strategic functions of the University has been working on the re-designing of the social spaces of the Main Building. Now we would like to open our joint brainstorming to all our students, in the form of a hackathon. We are curious to know your ideas and opinions, and wish to learn about your demands and expectations, as that is the only way to make the Main Building a place we really like.

Spaces of the future – customised

We encourage you to do a lap with us in our design sprint. Students participating in the hackathon will work together in groups, using design thinking tools in a controlled design process, and they can jointly figure out what the various common areas of the University should be like and how they should operate. The works of the teams will be led by mentors, and evaluated by a jury!

The task is to rethink the situation in 4-5 hours, and work out, model, validate and present your concepts to the jury. As a participant, you can learn the design methodology in practice, you can work together with students from other areas, and you can see how others think about the future of the University!

It is important to know that this is not an invitation to a competition, instead, we would like to create, design and think together with you about the university of the future, and incorporate the best ideas into the internal design concept. The inventors of the most creative ideas may leave an eternal mark on the University, as bricks with their names will be built into the walls of the University.

According to the rules of the University, you may attend the event with a plastic card or an application proving your Covid immunity, and this will be checked at the entrance.

Click here for the Facebook event.

Did you know?

It is not only the designing of the spaces in the Main Building that we will work on together, as the new campus of the University at Ménesi út will be opened in the spring of 2023. If you wish to learn more about the details of the development, click here!

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