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Far East Asian Security Issues – Updating Regional Security Situation and its Future

The Lab of Geopolitics extends an invitation to colleagues, students, and general public to explore the dynamics of Far East Asian Security Issues in Professor Hosoda’s lecture.
2024.03.11. 15:30
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Date: 2024-03-11  15:30-17:00 

Venue: Corvinus Main Building E room E.3.303 


Summary of the lecture: 

It is undeniable that the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which has implemented a “changing status quo by force” approach, in addition to persistence of the U.S.-China great power competition, has a significant impact on security situation and defense structure not only in the Euro-Atlantic but also in the Indo-Pacific. Furthermore, turmoil in the Middle East has spilled over into the Red Sea and Gulf regions, affecting global logistics and energy supplies. 

As a result, a variety of discourses (narratives) such as China has been beefing up its military might and may imitate Russia’s military approach to unify Taiwan; a China-Russia-North Korea “new axis” may be formed; or the existing Western-led world order may be replaced by a new order led by BRICS+… have been muddled up. 

In this lecture, the analysis results of deliberative thinking approach will be presented based on objective and empirical analysis, rather than intuitive thinking to avoid cognitive biases such as stereotype bias, availability heuristic, or confirmation bias in these discourses (narratives). 


Short bio: 

Dr. Takashi HOSODA, Assistant Professor at Institute of Intelligence Studies, University of Defence (Czech Republic), is a Japanese international political scientist and security studies scholar living in the Czech Republic. His research areas include maritime security, hybrid warfare with a focus on cognitive warfare, alliance theory, and nuclear security. 

His latest publication is “Coexistence with an Irresponsible (super)power,” Sinopsis, September 2023. 

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