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DISCO Lab’s goal is to introduce designcommunication: a creative approach to design, theory and practice.

DISCO Lab was established under the framework of Efop 3.6.1. institutional development project.
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

The team’s goal is to introduce designcommunication – a general approach to connecting and communicating by design.
Designcommunication is a creative approach to design, theory and practice. We use the compound noun “design communication” as “designcommunication” written in one word as by DESIGNCOMMUNICATION; we want to refer to the patented expression and phenomenon: “communication integrated into development.” Design, therefore, is design-art, creative planning, and creative behaviour. This is complemented with communication, which is a creative way of connecting both at the self-reflection level (inner conversation) and human interaction phenomenon.

Designcommunicaiton represents such an initiative for connection that serves as a bridge between different disciplines and discourses, social and economic phenomena. Designcommunication creates a real-time connection among classroom learning, research, and entrepreneurship.


Designcommunication – Workshop for connecting and communicating by design in scientific research

One of humans’ capability, opportunity and at the same time obligation is to act and create with the consideration of the interaction of society’s permanent and variable elements. Our ability to design determines the triplicate of Survival – Subsistence – Development (Cosovan Attila, 2009 DISCO). It applies to corporate management and operation, yet it is not a general practice. It could apply to social sciences research but has not been a widespread practice yet.

Our workshop on designcommunication aims to let participants experience what it is to connect and communicate by design in scientific research. We show an approach to participants that can open new perspectives, questions, and connections of their research areas. We aim to make participants act as designers in their research areas to make today’s scientific discourses more open and creative, creating new scientific conversation perspectives.

Instructors of the workshop: Attila Cosovan, Dóra Horváth, Ariel Mitev

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem


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