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Research Fellowship Programs

CIAS is pleased to announce its grant opportunities for each Academic Year since 2019/2020.

The application process is managed by Corvinus Institute for Advanced Studies. Grants are made to citizens of any countries for a variety of research and educational activities (primary advanced research and university teaching).

The CIAS awards provide international travel for the grantee to and from the host institution (CIAS) in Budapest and limited accident and sickness insurance. CIAS fellows receive stipend provided by CIAS. (Please see detailed information about the grant package below in Appendix A.)

Most grants are awarded for a period of one or two semesters (5 or 10 months) and in special circumstances, may be extended for limited periods.
A grant may be revoked, terminated, or suspended. Grounds for revocation or termination include, but are not limited to (a.) violation of any law of Hungary (b.) failure of observe satisfactory academic or professional standards; (c.) physical or mental incapacitation; (d.) engaging in any unauthorized income-producing activity; (e.) failure to comply with the grant’s terms and conditions; (f.) material misinterpretation made by any grantee in the application form or grant document.

A grant may be suspended if (a.) the grantee ceases to carry out the project during the grant period; (b.) the grantee leaves Hungary without authorization of CIAS.

Eligibility Requirements:
  • doctoral degree or equivalent professional training or experience;
  • only those with publications in internationally recognized scholarly outlets will be considered;
  • proficiency in English appropriate to the proposed research and/or lecturing to be carried out in Hungary;
  • a detailed statement of proposed activity for research (and lecturing);
  • certification of good health.

Grant categories and grant structure offered by CIAS

CIAS offers the following fellowship types for those applied through the open application procedure:
  • senior research fellow (selected from applicants of this grant category)
  • junior research fellow (selected from applicants of this grant category)
  • senior faculty fellow (nominated by faculty, selected by CIAS)
  • junior faculty fellow ((nominated by faculty, selected by CIAS)

Grants are financed by the Foundation of the Corvinus University and/or by the Government of Hungary or by other sponsors.

The basic structure of the grant package is the same regardless of the original source of the financial support.

The typical duration of a grant period is one semester (5 months) or two semesters (10 months).

The main components of the grant package are:
  • stipend,
  • housing,
  • cost of travel,
  • insurance,
  • family allowance (for those with spouse and/or kid(s)).
The amounts indicated are calculated in pretax (before tax) base.
Grant category Stipend*

EUR / month

EUR / month

EUR / month
Family allowance for 1 person

EUR / month
Family allowance for 2 or more persons

Travel within Europe (for round trip)

EUR / once after arrival
Travel overseas (for round trip)

EUR / once after arrival
CIAS senior research fellow300014001404207007001400
CIAS junior research fellow 200011001404207007001400
CIAS senior faculty research fellow 1000
CIAS junior faculty research fellow 500
* Based on special individual circumstances the actual amount can be different as indicated.
If the grantee will provide a certificate of residence according to the double taxation convention between his/her country of residence and Hungary and certificate of social security cover by your home country (EU countries: A1 form, non-Eu countries: a document that states that you have a medical and/or health insurance in your home country and you pay the contribution for that there) then he/she will receive the below indicated amount. If he/she won’t do that, then the University (CIAS) will pay a reduced amount (the amount of the calculated tax will be subtracted from the total amount of the grant package),

The amount of the calculated tax can be as much as around 30% of the pretax total!)

The amount of stipend is proportion to the duration of stay (XX months).

Housing is arranged individually by the grantee, but if it will be needed the University/CIAS will help to find a good solution.
The amount for housing is proportional to the duration of stay.

Cost of travel: one travel from home addres to Budapest and back from Budapest to home address is financed by the University/CIAS. A flat amount is offered; for those from within Europe it is 700 EUR for a round trip; for those from overseas it is 1400 EUR for a roundtrip. Travel of any other additional (accompanying) person/s is not covered as part of the grant package (must be covered by the grantee).

Insurance only for the grantee for the duration of stay is covered by University/CIAS as part of the grant package. The amount is 140 EUR/month.
Family allowance: for those with spouse or one child 420 EUR/month is added to the stipend will be offered. For those with two or more family members (e.g. spouse andone kid or more children or with two or more children) 700 EUR/month will be added to the stipend, as part of the grant package.
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