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Greetings from Tamara Keszey 

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Dear Colleagues,   

Welcome to the 8th issue of the Research Newsletter which has a lot in store for Corvinus lecturers-researchers and PhD students, such as the second Quarterly Corvinus Research Highlights, the consultation opportunity with CIAS research fellows and the announcement of the June hybrid Research Week.  

The Quarterly Corvinus Research Highlights series was launched in March 2022. The current, second issue is a splendid selection of 37 quality journal articles and eleven book chapters written by Corvinus Faculty members. It can be also called a ‘finest selection’ as the journal articles were chosen out of 88 Q1 and Q2 publications. These numbers definitely give us confidence and optimism.  

I would like to grasp the opportunity to underline that it is crucial – and thus I encourage all of you – to upload your works to the Hungarian Scientific Bibliography Database (MTMT) so that they can be included in the next issues of the Annual and the Quarterly Corvinus Research Highlights. 

Research Management Office and Corvinus Institute for Advanced Studies (CIAS) introduced the ‘Friendly Review’ Tandem Program available for Corvinus lecturers, researchers and PhD students in May 2022. The program enables participants to consult with CIAS research fellows about their papers to be submitted or the professional parts of application materials in a formalized way. Applications are welcome from PhD students and Corvinus Faculty members in May.  

Research Week, already a tradition, will be held again at Corvinus University of Budapest. Colourful programs, workshops, research related trainings, lectures by international guest speakers and a lot more await the visitors at the 5-day event series held between June 20-24, 2022. We look forward to your program registration as well until May 31.  

This year Corvinus University has launched Corvinus Professional Acculturation Program (C-PAP), a new academic fellowship program to support Faculty members in gaining foreign experience. The successful applicant of the pilot program will be able to spend five months at an international university in the fall semester. The call for applications for 2023 will be available next academic year. 

As you can see, these were just the highlights of the May Research Newsletter. I hope you will find the whole issue interesting and useful.  

Best regards,
Tamara Keszey  
Vice-Rector for Research 

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