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International Family Firm Conference

Conference took place for the second time addressing digitalization and HR

People and intelligent technologies: perhaps, these are the top priories today for the majority of corporate executives. They may be even more interested in the connection of these two critical resources, since it goes far beyond the trade-off logic, namely, that one can simply replace the other. This is because digitalization – beside changing business models, products and processes – also opens up fresh horizon on how individuals work. In this new world employees are not robots anymore: on the contrary, they do what robots and other digital technologies cannot, at least not for a while, but maybe forever.

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Why is this especially exciting for family owned businesses? The answer is simple: even if they are regarded as more successful and resilient than the rest, too often are associated with stability, risk avoidance and traditions. That is, values that seem to be inconsistent with digitalization and other disruptive technologies. How can the owners and top managers of family businesses solve this paradox? Would the entry of nextgens ease or intensify these dilemmas? Moreover, how can the new leaders be prepared for their future role, if they will have to jump on a high-speed train?

Of course, there are plenty of challenges concerning the professional staff of the family businesses as well. How can we retain our respected, sometimes quasi family member colleagues in the present demand-driven labor market, when they might find extraordinary opportunities elsewhere? 

Moreover, how can we attract and engage young talents right out from the education system and tap their innovation potential? In general: how can we convert the ‘familiness’ of our business to be an attractive factor, not a barrier in HR management?

Our conference this year tackled these and many other connected issues, again, with the help of distinguished foreign and domestic speakers. We expect the active participation of present and future family business owners, family member and non-family member executives, and further professionals as well as scientific researchers of the family business scene.

The program is available here.

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