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Successful ‘Finishing Your Paper’ Writing Camp

Participants successfully completed the first ‘Finishing Your Paper’ Writing Camp held by Dr Eelko Huizingh, professor at the University of Groningen and organized by the Research Management Office. The workshop took place online from April 4-8, 2022.
Corvinus Épület

The Writing Camp made it possible for the participants to spend an entire week on their papers. Peer reviews and coaching sessions were also incorporated into the workshop besides presentations and daily writing. 

‘I understood the essence of the academic writing’ – this comment perfectly summarizes the several positive feedbacks on ‘Finishing Your Paper’. The workshop provided a clear structure of an article and practical guide packed with tips for Corvinus researchers and PhD students with the aim of further increasing their publication quality.  

We are looking forward to seeing the participants’ papers in prestigious international journals in the foreseeable future.   

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