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Rigó Petra Renáta’s Account of EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award Quarter Finals

Petra Renáta Rigó has been a member of Corvinus Operations Research Center (CCOR) at the Corvinus Institute for Advanced Studies since September 2020. In addition, she is assistant professor at the Institute of Mathematical and Statistical Modeling. This is her report on her experience as a finalist in the EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award.
RigóPetra Renáta at EDDA

The EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award (EDDA) was introduced in 2003 and recognizes the OR contributions of PhD students or scientists having less than two years’ research experience since completing a PhD. The dissertation must have been defended at a European university and the author must be a member of a EURO member society. Short-listed finalists are invited to present their work in a special session of the EURO-k Conference.  

It was a great honor for me to be a finalist of the EDDA and to present my PhD work (New trends in algebraic equivalent transformation of the central path and its applications) in this special session of the 31st European Conference on Operational Research at the University of West Attica, Athens, Greece between 11-14 July 2021. I was happy to hear the stimulating and great work of the other finalists, as well. The jury was very interested in our topics, and it felt a privilege that such well known researchers cared so much about our work. This year the winner of the EDDA competition was Alexandre Florio from the Eindhoven University of Technology. 

In my opinion, the research environment I have worked in has been very important to me during my career. I am very thankful to my PhD supervisor, Tibor Illés for his support, guidance and enriching advice during these years. I also express my gratitude to my MSc supervisor, Zsolt Darvay from Cluj-Napoca, who introduced me into the world of interior-point algorithms. Thanks to my supervisors, I had the opportunity to meet well-known researchers in the field of operations research. Together with my co-authors, we developed new interior-point algorithms for different types of problems, such as linear programming, linear complementarity and symmetric optimization. During my professional career so far, I have published more than 20 scientific papers with my co-authors, 9 of which have been published in Q1 or Q2 rated international scientific journals. I have presented my results at more than 25 national and international conferences and have been an active participant in several research projects.  


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