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Research Newsletter – Greetings from Vice-Rector for Research

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Dear Colleagues,

The 2021/2022 academic year is now underway, and we all hope that it is going to run smoothly and without any lockdown restrictions.

Following a quieter summer period, Research Management has already successfully organised the Researchers’ Night (joining the pan-European initiative) and is planning to continue some of the well-established research support events. One of these, the Meet the Editor series continued with a highly esteemed editor-in-chief from the US on 4 October. We are introducing a number of new initiatives and I was personally delighted to see a great number of you at the Research Brunch on 29 September and to answer your highly relevant research-related questions there.

We are extremely proud to inform you that the Hungarian version of our website has been renewed and you can now browse our user-friendly page packed with vital information for researchers here. (The English version will follow soon.) Within the next few weeks, the website of the research support application system (Workflow) is also going to be renewed and you will definitely appreciate the simplified processes found there.  The Corvinus publication data base (Corvinus Research Portfolio) is also being updated and will be accessible from October.

As to the latter part of the semester, you will find further research-related projects on the menu. The call for application for the revised Corvinus International Research Excellence 2022 (CKK-22) will be announced in November. While its basic principles remain unchanged, the award will now be granted in eight categories to match the requirements laid out in the Academic Career Track Model. It is also our hope to announce the Corvinus Professional Acculturation Programme (C-PAP) this semester too. Applications to organise Research Seminars, supported generously by Research Management, are still accepted, and encouraged. And we are also calling all faculty to consider – well in advance – the opportunity to share their research with colleagues during the Research Week in January, the call for which is to come in November too.

Have a Covid-free semester packed with research success,

Gyula Vastag

Professor, Vice-Rector for Research

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