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Post-Traumatic Marketing: Virtuality and Reality – August International Conference at CUB

The 27th Conference of the Hungarian Association for Marketing Education and Research (EMOK) was hosted by CUB’s Institute of Marketing in late summer 2021. The central idea of the conference was inspired by the current situation: "Post-traumatic marketing: virtuality and reality".

This year, for the first time in its history, the conference went international, with three plenary lectures held by internationally renowned speakers on topical and exciting subjects such as brand activism (Peeter Verlegh, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), the status of influencer marketing in the post-COVID era (Vatroslav Škare, University of Zagreb), and the role of the individual level in design and marketing thinking (Tore Kristensen – Gorm Gabrielsen, Copenhagen Business School). 

Similarly, for the first time in the history of the conference, the 131 registered participants were also able to attend two parallel sessions in English alongside the remaining eighteen Hungarian-language sessions (including four special sessions). The scientific discourse was encouraged by the presence of pairs of session chairs in each parallel session. The online conference saw a total of 74 section presentations (out of which seven were in English).  

Traditionally, the Marketing Science Subcommittee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) presents its Publication Excellence Awards at each year’s EMOK conference in various categories. This year, our colleagues from CUB were awarded the prize of Best Paper in an International Journal (Kenesei, Zsófia, & Bali, Zsófia (2020). Overcompensation as a service recovery strategy: the financial aspect of customers’ extra effort. Service Business (14), 187-216. DOI:  

Equally traditionally, EMOK recognizes the best papers of each year’s conference, but also, stemming from its roots in the education of marketing, strives to honor the best university courses in the field. The prize for the most innovative marketing course in Hungary of the academic year 2020/2021 was awarded to our colleague, Tamara Keszey, for her course “Publication Skill Development in Marketing” (CUB, Doctoral School of Business and Management). 

The best papers of the conference will be published in a special issue of Marketing & Management and in a thematic issue of Turizmus Bulletin. 

This year the corporate support partner of the conference was Interactive Advertising Bureau(IAB). 

Members of the organizing committee were: 

  • Ariel Mitev, Head of the Organizing Committee 
  • Kitti Boros 
  • Tamás Csordás 
  • Dóra Horváth 

Further information is available here and from Kitti Boros, 

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