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First Corvinus Research Seminar – Details of Publication Workshop on Sport Business

On 24 June 2021 the first Research Workshop organised by an Institute was hosted by the Institute of Business Economics and its Research Centre for the Sports Business. The event was supported by the Research Management Office of Corvinus University of Budapest.

The aim of the Research Seminar was to obtain the professional experience of a prominent international researcher in the field of sports management regarding publication opportunities and strategies. The interactive online lecture was held by Dr Pamela Wicker, Professor at Bielefeld University (Department of Psychology and Sports Science). Her main research areas include sports organisations, the social significance of sport, the relationship between participation in sport and health, and the relationship between sport and the natural environment. She has a strong international publication record and excellent citation data.

She is experienced in both qualitative and quantitative methods and is (or previously was) a member of the editorial boards of the following six Q1 and two Q3 journals. 

  • European Journal for Sport and Society (Q1 – Sociology and Political Science)
  • European Sport Management Quarterly (Q1 – Strategy and Management)
  • International Journal of Sport Finance (Q3 – Finance, Business and Management)
  • Journal of Sport Management (Q1 – Decision Sciences – Sport Sciences)
  • Journal of Sport & Tourism (Q1 – Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management)
  • Journal of Sports Economics (Q1 – Economics, Econometrics, and Finance)
  • Managing Sport and Leisure (Q3 – Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management)
  • Sport Management Review (Q1 – Business and International Management, Marketing, Strategy & Management)

In the first part of the event, Professor Wicker gave a presentation open to all university academics on the profiles of the most important international journals in sports economics and offered suggestions on how to publish in them. In the second half of the day, she gave detailed feedback on six working papers submitted in advance and suggested improvements to the authors. The working papers covered a variety of topics and methodologies, including professional football, sport and public procurement, sports event management and sports in the workplace. In the future, we are planning to submit the improved papers to peer-reviewed international journals, and we are also considering a long-term relationship with researcher Pamela Wicker. 

The authors and titles of the working papers are listed as follows,  

  • András Krisztina – Tátrai Tünde: Public procurement for sports in the European Union   
  • Havran Zsolt – Kajos Attila – Mazzag Bálint: Legend of Leagues: Heterogeneity in the Revenue Structure of European National Leagues  
  • Kajos Attila – Lovács Barnabás: The impact of attitudinal loyalty, fan motivation and identification on consumer behaviour of satellite fans – the case of English Premier League teams supporters in Hungary  
  • Kozma Miklós – Teker Franciska: Business model innovation for sustainable operations in professional football – How supporters gain more control of the Beautiful Game  
  • Máté Tünde – Kajos Attila: Social support for international sports events – the example of Hungary. Those who love sports also have a supportive attitude?  
  • Szabó Ágnes – Kajos Attila: What factors can be used to persuade managers to start a workplace physical activity program and how can employees be persuaded to participate? A Hungarian study on goals, effects and motivations  

For further questions or information, please contact Dr Zsolt Havran at 

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