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Urban Ecological Models in the Global South 

The next event in the Economic Geography Lectures series will be a lecture by Dr. József Pál Lieszkovszky, Professor at the D Department of Geography and Planning.
2023.03.21. 17:00
1093. Budapest, Közraktár utca 4-6.
Building C
Room 510.

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Language: Hungarian 

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Burgess and Park, Harris, and Ullman, Hoyt, which are based on spatial regularities in the metropolitan structures of the global North, including the USA, have been defined by urban sociologists at the University of Chicago. 

However, much of the future urban growth will take place in the Global South. How and how can these models be interpreted there? What similarities and differences can we see between urban ecological models of the global North and South? 

Dr. József Pál Lieszkovszky is a geographer and transport expert. His main research interests are at the interface of social and transport geography (e.g. spatial-level analysis of transport-related social exclusion, public transport problems in rural areas) and the social aspects of urbanisation challenges in the Global South. 

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