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Redundant coalitions for the core - Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem Ugrás a fő tartalomra

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Redundant coalitions for the core

Solymosi Tamás angol nyelvű előadása
2020.10.08. 13:40
1093 . Budapest, Fővám tér 8.
Faculty Club
Belépési díj: pl. 4000/fő
Információ: +36 1 234-56-78 /

2020. október 8-án minden egyetemi Polgárt várunk a Faculty Club soron következő rendezvényére, melyen Solymosi Tamás a Matematikai és Statisztikai Modellezés Intézeten belül működő Operációkutatás és Aktuáriustudományok Tanszék egyetemi oktatójának angol előadása lesz hallható.

Talk at the Optimization Seminar of the Corvinus Center for Operational Research: Tamás Solymosi (CIAS – CCOR, CUB) Redundant coalitions for the core.

Abstract: The various solutions of transferable utility games take into account the cooperative possibilities of all coalitions of players in one way or another. Although their definitions formally involve each of the exponentially many coalitional values, many of the excess-based solutions are actually determined by a smaller family of coalitions. Disregarding redundant coalitions can make the analysis and
computation of solutions significantly easier.

In the talk we focus on the core, and identify smaller (in some cases the smallest) families of coalitions which completely determine the core. We present several old and some new results, and demonstrate the usefulness of such simplification possibilities on various classes of games related to optimization problems.

Organizer: Corvinus Institute for Advanced Studies – Corvinus Centre for Operations Research, Pintér Miklós Péter

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