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Idén ősszel is lesz Corvinus Sporthét!

A mozgás az életed? Esetleg szívesen próbálnál ki új sportokat? Akkor a Corvinus Sporthéten a helyed november 6-8 között.
2023.11.06. 08:00 – 2023.11.08. 19:00

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Right after the autumn break, the awaited Corvinus Autumn Sports Week will kick off, where you can challenge yourself by participating in some of our activities!  

Meet other sports enthusiasts and be part of a sports experience together!  

How can you take part in our programmes?  

You can sign up for each event by filling out separate registration forms, which you can find in the Facebook event under the posts. 

In addition, we can also provide participants with a certificate of absence from classes, so you’re guaranteed to be able to attend everything!  

Curious about more details? Then we suggest you follow the event, because the most important details are posted there about the programmes and the application. 

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