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Hnin Mya Thida PhD védése

A „Myanmar-China Asymmetrical Relations: The Case Study of Myitsone Hydropower Dam Project through the Lens of Small Power’s Strategies” című értekezés védése.
2023.05.30. 13:00

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Date of the public defence: 30 May 2023 (Tuesday), 13:00 

Venue: Online MS Teams 

Language of the defence: English 

The materials of the dissertation can be viewed in the university Repository. 

Supervisor: Janos Balazs Kocsis PhD, habil. Corvinus, Viktor Eszterhai PhD Corvinus 

Members of the Defence Committee: 

  • Chair: Zoltan Balazs DSc Corvinus  
  • Opponents:(external) Tamas Matura PhD Corvinus; Peter Klemensits PhD Eurasia Center, John von Neumann University 
  • Members: Sandor Gyula Nagy (alternate chair) PhD Corvinus; Akos Apatóczky PhD Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary 
  • Secretary: Laszlo Jeney PhD Corvinus 

At the public meeting, all participants can comment or ask questions. 

Those interested can continuously monitor the expected and completed defences on the University’s website under News-Events, as well as separately in the PhD defences menu. 

If you would like to participate on the defence, please send an email to the email address. 

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