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Filmbemutató, kiállítás és szatyorkészítő workshop is lesz a hulladékcsökkentési héten

Az idei Európai Hulladékcsökkentési Héten is számos programmal vár mindenkit a Corvinus Könyvtár.
2023.11.20. 15:30

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Date: 20 November 2023, 15.30 

Venue: Corvinus University Library 

Language: English and Hungarian 

The theme of this year’s Waste Reduction Week is packaging, and the Library will offer a workshop, an exhibition and a film screening to help you learn about sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging practices. 

The round table discussion will discuss the actuality of the problem, the possibilities and the feasible solutions, while the workshop will offer the opportunity to make bags with volunteers from the Profilantrop Association. 

More details and full programme coming soon! 


15.30 I Workshop – T-shirt to bag with Profilantrop volunteers 

16.30 I PETKUPA Photo exhibition opening – Opening by Ákos Domahidi, Chancellor of Corvinus 

17.00 I in Hungarian I Round table discussion on the actuality of the problem, the possibilities and the feasible solutions. Participants in the round table discussion: 

  • Zalán Maró, Corvinus Department of Agricultural Economics 
  • Judit Nagy, Corvinus Department of Supply Chain Management 
  • Zsolt Tamás, PETKUPA Association 
  • Zsuzsa Mester, Profilantrop Association 
  • Horvátth Sarolta,Rakun Box Community  
  • Moderator: Anna Wachsler, Corvinus, University student  


  • Packaging history exhibition in the lobby 
  • Film screening 


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