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CCOR Workshop “Searching for monostatic polyhedra with optimization” címmel

A Corvinus Center for Operation Research workshopja január 19-én.
2024.01.19. 11:00

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Venue: Corvinus University, Building C, Room: TBA 

Date: 19 January 2024 

Time: 11:00-13:15 

Language: English 

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  • Gábor Domokos (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) 
  • Krisztina Regős (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) 
  • Sándor Bozóki (HUN-REN Institute for Computer Science and Control and Corvinus University of Budapest) 
  • Dávid Papp (North Carolina State University, Non-resident research fellow at CIAS-CCOR) 
  • Gergő Almádi (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) 

Abstract: The stability of polyhedra was investigated first by Conway and Guy, and independently by Heppes in the 60s. A convex body is called mono-(un)stable if it has a unique (un)stable equilibrium. It is monostatic if it belongs to either of the two classes, and mono-monostatic, if it belongs to both. The Gömböc, constructed by Domokos and Várkonyi in 2006, is the first known mono-monostatic, homogeneous convex body. Several monostable polyhedra have also been found, but the minimal number of vertices (faces, edges) is unknown. Mono-unstability is even less understood; mono-monostatic homogenous polyhedra have not been explicitly constructed. Our four short talks will cover the geometry behind the stability of polyhedra; its algebraic reformulation into systems of polynomial inequalities; solvability of such systems using optimization techniques; and finally the inhomogenous case. 

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