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Camillo Riva előadása “Do Environmental and Social Funds Sell When They Disagree?” címmel

Dr. Camillo Riva kutatási szemináriuma.
2023.11.27. 11:40

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Date: 27 November 2023, Monday 

Time: 11:40-13:00 (Budapest time)  

Venue: Corvinus Main building, second floor, Room E.279.1 

Language: English 

Organizer: Institute of Finance 

Camillo Riva: Do Environmental and Social Funds Sell When They Disagree? 

Abstract: We investigate the role of Environmental and Social (ES) funds in corporate governance through exit. ES funds constrain their asset allocation to “good” ES stocks and our hypothesis is that this reduces their ability to influence portfolio firms through the threat of exit. We empirically test this hypothesis by studying their portfolio behavior when they are in disagreement with management at the general assembly of portfolio companies. We find that, contrary to conventional funds, ES funds do not sell portfolio companies when their voting behavior is in contradiction with the management or the voting outcome. Consistent with asset allocation constraints, the results are mainly valid when there are few firms of equally good ES standing available to replace portfolio firms. These results cannot be explained by the differences in characteristics and holdings between ES and conventional funds. Our results cast doubts on the ability of ES funds to influence the policies of portfolio firms through governance via exit. 

Read the full paper here. 

Please note that this Microsoft Teams link is only in case you are unable to join the seminar in the Corvinus University of Budapest, Institute of Finance, E.279.1. However, the meeting will be generally held offline. 

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