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A Bagázs lesz a novemberi Science Shopos Kávézás vendége

Az eseményen a módszertani gyűjtemény mellett a közösségi kérdések mentén formálódó “TDK kutatás társadalmi hatással” című szekciót is bemutatják.
2023.11.21. 12:30

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

Date: 21 November 2023, Tuesday, 12.30-14.00  

Venue: Corvinus University, Main Building, Room E.27 

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Event description: In November, we will present our TDK session on community issues, for which we will organise a faculty-researcher partnership as a consultancy and offer a university literature collection on community-embedded teaching and research. What topic ideas and research partners, in what industries, areas of life, socio-economic perspectives are possible to explore, and what does it mean to research a topic in a community-embedded way? Our community partner, Bagázs will be our guest in the discussion. 

We also invite our teaching, research and support colleagues in the field to an informal discussion: over tea and coffee, we will talk about community-embedded research that can serve civil society, non-profit organisations and social enterprises along community, social or ecological lines. We will present our Science Shop methodological collection and our TDK session on “TDK research with social impact”. Our guests and panellists will be colleagues from the Bagázs Association, who see understanding and development through research as part of their work. 

You can drop in at any time for a science shop coffee and move on, have a chat or listen to talks, get to know each other and how the science shop works. Coffee will be brewed from 12.30. 

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