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Book Launch of New Volume Edited by Sándor Gyula Nagy of Corvinus University

Corvinus Faculty is kindly invited to the book launch of the volume The Visegrád Countries and Brazil, edited by Associate Professor Sándor Gyula Nagy of the Department of World Economy. The event will take place at the Hungarian Diplomatic Academy (1016 Budapest, Bérc utca 13-15.) at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, 5th October 2021.

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The book, published by Ludovika Egyetemi Kiadó earlier in 2021, aims to strengthen the economic, cultural, scientific and human connections between Brazil and the Visegrád countries, and to contribute to a better understanding among them.

The idea to compile a publication about the Visegrád Group and Brazil first arose in 2017. The then President of the Fundaçăo Alexandre de Gusmăo (FUNAG), Ambassador Sérgio Eduardo Moreira Lima and the Ambassador of Hungary in Brasilia (2014–2018) Norbert Konkoly supported the idea and asked Sándor Gyula Nagy to search for authors and edit the book. As a Senior Research Fellow of the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade, he first turned to the V4 partners of IFAT (in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia) and to the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find the best experts for the job. Dr Nagy managed to bring together a group of very enthusiastic and dedicated authors from all the above countries. Their efforts to contribute a great amount of data, ideas and contacts is highly appreciated. The editor is also grateful to the Hungarian Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade for their assistance with publishing this book on a unique and lesser-known topic outside the European Union. The editor and the authors (Maurício da Costa Carvalho Bernardes, Dubéczi Zoltán, Hrabálék Martin, Barbora Janubová, Nagy Gyula Sándor, Jan Němec, Ricz Judit, Szabó Barnabás, Bartłomiej Znojek) hope that the publication contributes to establishing new ties between Brazil and the Visegrád countries. The book is in print, and the e-book version is also available for purchase.

Participation in the book launch event is by registration only. Please register by 10 a.m. on 4 October at

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