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Active IMSM and CCOR participation

Colleagues from the Institute of Mathematical and Statistical Modelling (IMSM) played key roles in the organization of the 34th Hungarian Operations Research Conference held physically in Cegléd and online via Teams between August 31 and September 2 at the Hungarian Operations Research Conference.

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The Hungarian Operations Research Conference (MOK) is the oldest and most prestigious conference series in applied mathematics attracting researchers from all over the country. It is organized bi-annually by the Hungarian Operations Research Society, the Economic Modelling Society, and the János Bolyai Mathematical Society on a rotation basis. In 2021, the Economic Modelling Society was the main organizer, led by IMSM professors Erzsébet Kovács and Balázs Sziklai with the active assistance of Ágnes Vaskövi. 

A large number of professors and doctoral students from Corvinus, most of them from IMSM and CCOR, participated in MOK. They presented their work and results on a wide range of topics: the theory, practice, and various applications of continuous and combinatorial optimization, decision and game theory, network theory, data science, statistics, industrial and actuarial modelling, mechanism design. The first of the three plenary talks, entitled „How monetary and macroprudential policies work through global currencies?” was given by Corvinus Rector Előd Takáts. The two presentations by real-life practitioners from Cambridge Econometrics and Morgan Stanley were motivating for researchers and educators alike.  

Some of the special sessions honoring the lifetime achievements of prominent Hungarian OR researchers celebrating their 75th and 80th birthdays were organized by IMSM and CCOR professors Miklós Pintér and Tibor Illés, who were also active in organizing topic-specific regular sessions.   

Traditionally, the most prestigious award of the Economic Modelling Society is announced at MOK conferences. In 2021, the Béla Krekó Prize, named after the  former Corvinus professor of mathematics and operations research, longtime leader of the university computer center, pioneer of reforming economics and business education by introducing quantitative courses in the curricula and author of popular textbooks, was awarded to IMSM and CCOR professor Tamás Solymosi.  

Also at the gala dinner, the most prestigious award of the Hungarian Operations Research Society, the Jenő Egerváry Plaquette was awarded to Corvinus professor emeritus István Deák. 

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