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Academic year opening ceremony 

Kapcsolódó posztok

Kapcsolódó események

The opening ceremony of the academic year is az important event at the beginning of the university years, to which we would like to invite you. 

Why is it important? 

Not only does the academic year start with this event, but it is also where our freshmen take their oath, and after that you become members of the community of university citizens. 

What is waiting for you? 

The of honorory guest of the event will be József Váradi CEO of WizzAir and member of the board of trustees of the Maecenas Universitatis Corvini Foundation, who will give a celebratory speech too. Prof. Dr. Lajos Szabó, the Acting Rector of University and Kristóf Kovács, the president of the Corvinus Students’ Union will also give a speech at the event.  The bands Quack and Herself will give a short concert at the ceremony as well.   

  • Date of the ceremony: 4th of September 2023
  • Gate opening: 5PM
  • Ceremony starts: 6PM
  • Location of the event: Aula of Building E of the University

Registration is required to participate, which is available here

Please dress appropriately for the occasion! 

Our non-native Hungarian speakers can follow the ceremony with the help of a simultaneous interpreter.   

We look forward to seeing you at the event!   

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