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If you dream about a diplomat career, your place is here!

Programme Information

This Master’s programme in Diplomacy is the only one of its kind in Hungary!

Diplomacy explores negotiation between governments and conflict resolution. You will learn about how international governments influence, work together or against each other.

By the end of the programme, you will be equipped to communicate and negotiate proactively, to promote the interests of any country or organisation you may represent at various international fora and work efficiently in a multicultural environment.

Beyond that, project work will prepare you for the practice of diplomacy, giving you an insight into various specialized fields of diplomacy, such as security, trade, health, culture, sport, cyber-diplomacy and more!

Programme name: Diplomacy
Programme award: Master, MA

ECTS: 60
Duration: 2 semesters (1 years)
Approximate teaching hours per week: 12 
Start date: September 2023

Internship: six weeks of practice organized with the involvement of a training place or implemented as part of a project 

Tuition fees (EEA): 1 050 000 HUF per semester
Total tuition fees (EEA): 2 100 000 HUF
Tuition fees (Non-EEA): € 4 400 per semester
Total tuition fees (Non-EEA): € 8 800

Advantages of our new programmes

•  The Corvinus Scholarship may be granted for one academic year, so if you study in this form in a one-year master programme, the whole duration of the programme will be definitely free of charge for you.

•  Our new programmes are delivered in a quarter system. Its advantage is that you study less subjects at a time, so you can get more absorbed in particular topics.

•  In Hungary, our new master programmes are available at the Corvinus only.

•  Being a Corvinus student is an advantage, as with a bachelor degree obtained here with an average grade of 5 your admission to a place financed by a Corvinus Scholarship is guaranteed in our new master programmes, too.*

*You have to go through the admission procedure in the same way, but your free-of-charge place is guaranteed with a Corvinus bachelor degree.

Corvinus Épület

What you will study

Core Modules

Semester 1

1. Foreign Policy: Decision Making and Strategy

2. Foreign Economic Policy: Analysis and Strategy

3. Strategic Communication in Diplomacy

4. Promoting National Interests at International Fora 

Semester 2

1. Contemporary Diplomacy

2. Project

3. Internship

4. Thesis seminar

* The above is not an exhaustive list. Corvinus University of Budapest reserves the right to change modules.


Self-funded students meeting eligibility criteria may apply for Visegrad scholarships.

Corvinus University of Budapest endorses the Visegrad Scholarship programme for MA, MSc and MBA applicants from Central Eastern Europe.

The scholarship makes the outstanding possibility of international higher education at Corvinus accessible and financially viable for more students in this region and beyond!

Application route

The only way to apply for this programme is as self-funded applicant. 

Corvinus University of Budapest

Application Requirements

We expect students primarily from the following study programme: International studies bachelor programme. However, with its more flexible admission conditions, the study programme welcomes students with various qualifications who wish to work in areas of specialised diplomacy according to their earlier studies. 

Applicants are expected to have at least 6 month working experience in diplomacy (at embassies or at international organisations) and two recommendation letters from practicing diplomats. 

For Hungarian citizens

You can apply through

Find the application requirements here:

Credit requirements

In Hungary, there are legal pre-requisite credit requirements to study graduate programmes.

Please make sure you meet the minimum requirements for this programme before applying.

Tip: to quickly calculate your credits in ECTS, divide learning hours by 30!

Learning hours should be formally described, but can be constituted of classroom hours, private study and assessment.

The world of diplomacy changes at an incredible speed in the 21st century, it is extended with new players and faces challenges never seen before. At the one-year English-language Master Programme in Diplomacy at the Corvinus, which is unique in Hungary, we expect applicants who already have at least 6 month practical experience in diplomacy (at foreign missions or international organisations), who wish to advance their international careers with this practice-oriented master programme. The programme offers an excellent opportunity to learn about technical diplomacies, and the portfolio-type thesis that closes the programme may be a good ‘letter of reference’ to your future career. 

Corvinus University of Budapest

Ágnes Szunomár 
Associate Professor 

Career opportunities

We train diplomats who are familiar with the theories of international relations and are equipped with practical diplomatic skills, thus they are well-prepared to represent the interests of their countries in both diplomatic services and at various international fora. In their work, they use the instruments of traditional diplomacy, economic diplomacy and other specialised diplomacy in efficient and integrated ways. Our graduates cannot only find jobs in diplomatic areas, but may continue their studies in the doctoral programme.

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On 10th January we will hold an online open day with English presentations!

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