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MSc Supply Chain Management

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Programme Information

Are you interested in how to organize the journey of a vaccine shipment from the other side of the world to Hungary, so that the cooling chain is not broken? Or are you interested in how to reorganize your company’s supply chain if your Chinese partner cannot export raw materials? Maybe the container full of your ordered goods got stuck in the Suez Canal? Then your place is here with us!

Our Supply Chain Management master’s program offers you to learn about the strategic and tactical decisions of supply chain management, from procurement through manufacturing to distribution, by completing our revamped course path. If you have not had serious exposure to supply chain management so far, do not worry!

After finishing our 2-year long program, you will be an expert with strong theoretical foundations and practical experience. The first year prepares you for our advanced level supply chain management courses through a series of courses that lay the foundations of your supply chain management expertise, and also broaden your horizons to see how supply chain management is connected to other aspects of business management. The second year builds on your knowledge acquired in the first year, and focuses on state-of-the-art supply chain management knowledge from every angle – be it legal, financial, strategic or operational. In the 2-year version you can also join the CEMS double degree program!

Programme name: Supply Chain Management
Programme award: Master, MSc  

ECTS: 120
Duration: 4 semesters (2 years)
Teaching hours: 12-18 hours/week
Start date: September 2024

Tuition fees (EEA): 850 000 HUF per semester
Total tuition fees (EEA): 3 400 000 HUF
Tuition fees (Non-EEA): € 3600 per semester
Total tuition fees (Non-EEA): € 14 400

The application period is now closed for September 2023. The application period for September 2024 will open in November.

What you will study

Core Modules

Year 1

1. Basic core courses (Decision Making Skills, Operations Research)

2. Compulsory elective courses (e.g. Marketing Management, International Business Economics, Economic Trends in a Globalized World, Corporate Sustainability and Green Management, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Global Business Strategy)

3. Foundations of Supply Chain Management

4. Elective courses

Year 2

1. Purchasing and Supply Managament, Operations Strategy and Research, Thesis Seminar 1

2. Law of Logistics, Logistics and Distribution Management, Smart Manufacturing and Operations

3. Supply Chain Planning, Supply Chain Controlling and Finance, Thesis Seminar 2

4. Supply Chain Strategy, Thesis Seminar 3

* The above is not an exhaustive list. Corvinus University of Budapest reserves the right to change modules.


Self-funded students meeting eligibility criteria may apply for Visegrad scholarships.

Corvinus University of Budapest endorses the Visegrad Scholarship programme for MA, MSc and MBA applicants from Central Eastern Europe.

The scholarship makes the outstanding possibility of international higher education at Corvinus accessible and financially viable for more students in this region and beyond!

Application route

The only way to apply for this programme is as self-funded applicant. 

Corvinus University of Budapest

Application Requirements

• Completed bachelor/undergraduate degree

• B2 level of English

• For more, please click here!

• A completed higher education

• You will take part in a preliminary interview

• Minimum B2 knowledge in English, proven by a certificate

• A valid passport

For Hungarian citizens

You can apply through

You can ask our student ambassador or the Student Services for further information here.

Find the application requirements here:

Credit requirements

In Hungary, there are legal pre-requisite credit requirements to study graduate programmes. Please make sure you meet the minimum requirements for this programme before applying. You will need a minimum of 20 ECTS constituted from the following areas:

• methodology studies (mathematics, statistics, informatics) AND

• theoretical economics studies (micro and macroeconomy, international economy, regional economy, economic history) 10 credits altogether

• business studies (corporate economics, corporate finances, marketing, accounting, management, human resources) 10 credits

Tip: to quickly calculate your credits in ECTS, divide learning hours by 30!

Learning hours should be formally described, but can be constituted of classroom hours, private study and assessment.

We welcome all applicants with a bachelor’s degree in economics or engineering to the Master’s Program in Supply Chain Management, and of course every other interested people as well who are attracted to this very international, very diverse and very fast-paced profession. The years 2020, 2021, and 2022 have also shown how important the professional management of supply chains is in terms of maintaining the operation of a country, the supply of the population and the security of the continuous supply of goods. Learn with us and we will show you how to analyze, understand, plan and organize these processes.

Corvinus University of Budapest

Zsolt Matyusz
Programme Director

Career opportunities

Most of the students who graduated from the Master’s Program in Supply Chain Management are employed by large international companies, while others are employed by foreign or domestic SMEs. The positions held are very diverse. A variety of personalities can find their way in this fields. Those who are more introverted and have a stronger analytical streak can be employed in demand or supply planning, or in the overall supply chain planning position. For those who prefer to organize, logistics service providers or manufacturing companies can provide opportunities in the field of customer relations. Extroverted personalities can be buyers, can negotiate with suppliers, or can be salespeople, key account managers who take care of customer relations.

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