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MSc Marketing Strategy and Innovation

Be a black-belt marketing manager!

Programme Information

The one-year Marketing Strategy and Innovation master trains future marketing managers who are able to make complex marketing strategy decisions in the various sectors and company types of business life, in both local and international markets. Our objective is to make sure that our graduates can perform marketing expert and marketing manager tasks and represent high-level marketing competencies within an organisation.

We arm our students with skills and competencies to meet the challenges of the digitalised marketing environment at ease.

This programme is the one-year intensive version of the already well-known Master Programme in Marketing, and students can learn the necessary skills in a quarterly schedule.

Programme name: Marketing Strategy and Innovation
Programme award: Master, MSc  

ECTS: 60
Duration: 2 semesters (1 years)
Approximate teaching hours per week: 12-14
Start date: September 2024
Tuition fees (EEA): 1 350 000 HUF per semester
Total tuition fees (EEA): 2 700 000 HUF
Tuition fees (Non-EEA): € 5 400 per semester
Total tuition fees (Non-EEA): € 10 800

Advantages of our new programmes

•  The Corvinus Scholarship may be granted for one academic year, so if you study in this form in a one-year master programme, the whole duration of the programme will be definitely free of charge for you.

•  Our new programmes are delivered in a quarter system. Its advantage is that you study less subjects at a time, so you can get more absorbed in particular topics.

•  In Hungary, our new master programmes are available at the Corvinus only.

•  Being a Corvinus student is an advantage, as with a bachelor degree obtained here with an average grade of 5 your admission to a place financed by a Corvinus Scholarship is guaranteed in our new master programmes, too.*

*You have to go through the admission procedure in the same way, but your free-of-charge place is guaranteed with a Corvinus bachelor degree.

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What you will study

Core Modules

Semester 1

1. Marketing Innovations and New Product Development

2. Advanced Marketing Research

3. Brand Strategies

Semester 2

You can choose between 3 different modules

1. Online Marketing Communication

2. Innovative Channel Management

3. Data-driven Marketing

Each module closes with a Business Project course.

* The above is not an exhaustive list. Corvinus University of Budapest reserves the right to change modules.


Self-funded students meeting eligibility criteria may apply for Visegrad scholarships.

Corvinus University of Budapest endorses the Visegrad Scholarship programme for MA, MSc and MBA applicants from Central Eastern Europe.

The scholarship makes the outstanding possibility of international higher education at Corvinus accessible and financially viable for more students in this region and beyond!

Application route

The only way to apply for this programme is as self-funded applicant. 

Corvinus University of Budapest

Application Requirements

• Completed bachelor/undergraduate degree

• GRE, GMAT, NMAT exams

• Circumstantial entrance interview

• Meet minimum credit requirement

• For more, please click here!

For Hungarian citizens

You can apply through

Find the application requirements here:

Credit requirements

In Hungary, there are legal pre-requisite credit requirements to study graduate programmes.

Please make sure you meet the minimum requirements for this programme before applying.

Tip: to quickly calculate your credits in ECTS, divide learning hours by 30!

Learning hours should be formally described, but can be constituted of classroom hours, private study and assessment.

Minimum number of ECTS: 60 credits based on the knowledge or work experience acquired through previous studies or equivalent non-formal, informal learning.

•  Methodological skills (mathematics, statistics, computer science): Minimum 10 credits

•  Theoretical knowledge of economics (micro and macroeconomics, international economics, regional economics, economic history) and/or social sciences (sociology, psychology, communication): minimum of 10 credits

•  Business studies (business economics, corporate finance, accounting, management organisation, human resources): minimum of 10 credits

•  Marketing (marketing, marketing planning, marketing management, marketing research, consumer behaviour, marketing communication, digital marketing): minimum of 15 credits

•  In any other area: minimum of 15 credits


Alternatively, students having at least 36 credits in methodology, theoretical knowledge of economics, business studies, and marketing based on their previous studies can also apply for the programme. However, the missing credits must be acquired during the master’s programme in line with the Study and Examination Regulations of the higher education institution and the admission regulations. The deadline for acquiring the missing credits should be communicated to the applicant in the preliminary credit recognition decision.



The Master Programme in Marketing Strategy and Innovation is an innovative one-year programme available in Hungarian higher education in the field of marketing. Students participating in the programme will receive a degree of high prestige, professional lecturers, multiple international opportunities, and participation in double-degree programmes. Our wide-ranging corporate connections enable our students to attend company training courses. Join a community where you can prepare for marketing leadership, start networking, and have fun during your university years!

Corvinus University of Budapest

Irma Agárdi 
Programme director
Associate Professor

Accreditations and Rankings

Corvinus University of Budapest
Corvinus University of Budapest

#300-350 for Business and Management studies

Corvinus University of Budapest

Career opportunities

Our graduated students may find jobs in various industries, at advertising and media agencies, market research companies, retail trading companies, service sector or FMCG companies, on the B2B market at multinational companies, or even at startup companies in the following jobs:

• Market researcher/marketing analyst
• Brand/product manager
• Key account manager at advertising agencies
• Digital marketing specialist
• Trade marketing specialist
• Sales/key account manager
• E-commerce expert
• Media planner, purchaser
• Internal communication, PR professional

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