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MSc Public Policy and Management

Plan, organise, implement and control governmental policies and actions. Become a leader. This programme of Corvinus has a unique international perspective and is accredited by EAPAA - assuring your quality learning experience and enhancing your career prospects.

Programme Information

Public Policy and Management at Corvinus is an internationally recognised, interest-based tailored programme for future leading politicians, public policy analysts and civil society leaders. You will hone essential analytical and leadership skills applicable to the public sector, consulting firms, ministries, public agencies,  policy evaluation institutes and NGOs (non-governmental organisations).  

Obtain a highly competitive degree – the programme is accredited by EAPAA (the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation) – you will get more than a Corvinus degree! This accreditation provides you with a cutting-edge learning experience – exposing you to the latest topics and methodologies. 

Public Policy and Management will equip you with a practical toolkit to analyse complex social-public policy issues and evaluate alternative solutions. You will master the concepts, theories, processes, and gain skills of managing public organisations as well as evaluating public policy interventions

You will gain a deeper understanding of motivation and operation of corporate, national and international organisations – knowledge and skills applicable to all sectors, globally

You will acquire contemporary and theoretically demanding mathematical-statistical, econometric, and modelling methods of problem recognition, definition, and solution and information gathering and processing. 

During your studies, you might have the possibility to take part in professional practical collaborations with consulting and analysis companies and research institutes, proving you with a highly practical experience, skills and networking opportunities that will enhance your employment possibilities, internationally. 

Self-funded students will have the opportunity to enrol on a double degree programme in their second year. You can study at one of our prestigious partners in Italy – the University of Palermo. An exclusive opportunity to gain two degrees for the time and price of one and spend one year in another country! 

We accept students from a range of academic and professional backgrounds for admission onto the Public Policy and Management programme. However, the programme blends mathematics and social sciences – so you will need to be an academic all-rounder. An economics background would give you strong foundations for this programme!  evaluatio

ECTS: 120
Duration: 8 quarters (2 years)
Teaching hours: 10-16 hours/week
Start date: September 2023

Tuition fees (EEA): Corvinus Scholaarship or 850 000 HUF per semester
Total tuition fees (EEA): 3 400 000 HUF
Tuition fees (Non-EEA): € 2 900 per semester
Total tuition fees (Non-EEA): € 11 600

What you will study

Core Modules

Year 1, Core Courses

1. Public Economics

2. Multilevel Governance

3. Program and Performance Evaluation

4. Public Financial Management

5. Comparative Public Administration

6. Corruption and Governance

Year 2, Core Courses and Module Courses

1. Public Policy Analysis

2. Digital Era Governance

3. Public Policies for Human Development

4. NGO Management and Civil Society

5. Cost-Benefit Analysies 

6. Health Policy and Public Health 

* The above is not an exhaustive list. Corvinus University of Budapest reserves the right to change modules.


There are two remarkable scholarship opportunities available to Non-EU international students:

• Stipendium Hungaricum (for non-EU nationals from >70 countries)

• Diaspora scholarships (for international students with Hungarian ancestry).

Both scholarships entitle you to:

• Free tuition for the duration of your studies

• 43,700 HUF (c. €120) per month for the duration of your studies (for living costs)

• University accommodation or an additional 40,000 HUF (c. €110) per month for the duration of your studies (accommodation allowance)

• Medical insurance.

Eligibility requirements apply, so please click on “Scholarship opportunities” for more information.

Note: there are three ways to apply to Corvinus as an international student:

1. Self-funded route (all applicants)

2. Stipendium Hungaricum route – non-EU applicants oavnly, further restrictions apply

3. Diaspora scholarship route – non-EU nationals with Hungarian heritage only, further restrictions apply

Corvinus University of Budapest
Corvinus University of Budapest

Application Requirements

• Completed bachelor/undergraduate degree

• B2 level of English

• For more, please click here!

For Hungarian citizens

You can apply through

You can ask our student ambassador or the Student Services for further information here.

Find the application requirements here:

Credit requirements

In Hungary, there are legal pre-requisite credit requirements to study graduate programmes.

Please make sure you meet the minimum requirements for this programme before applying.

For entering the master’s programme, a minimum of 20 credits is necessary from the following subject areas:

• methodological studies (e.g. mathematics, statistics, quantitative methods, qualitative methods) 5 credits;

economics (e.g. microeconomics, macroeconomics, comparative economics, international economics) 5 credits

social science (e.g. political sciences, sociology, history, international studies, legal studies) 5 credits; 

• programme-specific studies (e.g. public economics, public administration, administrative law, public management, multilevel governance,public policy and policy area studies, and social policy studies) 5 credits.

The prerequisite of admittance into the master’s programme is for the student to have at least 30 credits in the listed area based on his/her previous studies. Missing credits must be attained in the master’s programme as defined in the higher education institution’s Study and Exam Regulations.

Tip: to quickly calculate your credits in ECTS, divide learning hours by 30!

Learning hours should be formally described, but can be constituted of classroom hours, private study and assessment.

Accreditations and Rankings

Corvinus University of Budapest
Corvinus University of Budapest
Corvinus University of Budapest

Double Degree / CEMS

Public and Non-Profit Institutions Management / Public Administration

Corvinus University of Budapest

Public Management (Laurea Magistrale in Scienze delle Amministrazioni e delle Organizzazioni complesse)
University of Palermo

Double Degree programmes are a unique opportunity, allowing you to obtain two higher education degrees in the time frame of one from two different institutions.

What our students think

Lazar Dashic

“Master’s degree in Public Policy and Management enables me to explore and combine different elements of academic fields into one, such as political science, economics and law, which makes it extremely dynamic and engaging. It equipped me with a practical toolkit to analyse complex social-public policy issues and evaluate alternative solutions. Moreover, the class consists of diverse people coming from different parts of the world, bringing with them different viewpoints and making the classes more interesting. The programme gives you a broad perspective in regards to employment and professional careers, where you can seek jobs that are in the public or private sector.“

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Career opportunities

Our graduates progress to roles including: Public Policy, Refugee Commissioner, Public Affairs Partner, EU Agent, International NGO Agent.

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